Ishqbaaz: Shivaay's Identity is No Longer a Secret! Who is chef Majnu?

Author |Sep 28, 2018

Ishqbaaz is getting to its crucial twists, and we just can't pause!

Ishqbaaz and its recent episodes give us twist after twist, and we just can not get enough!

Ishqbaaz: Up to now, we have learned that the more truth we get about Nancy's murder, the less we have to hold Shivaay. Shivaay is escaping. On his way, he has disguised himself into a chef and found his way into Oberoi's mansion. To make his appearance believable, he has made up a fake name 'Majnu' and claimed that Shivaay sent him there.

Ever since Shivaay disappeared, Anika has been restless. During all that time, Shivaay's mind is only on clearing the mystery of who the killer is. All of the family members stand aside Majnu, because he told them that he can contact Shivaay. Then we saw that Shivaay managed to locate an evidence right at the crime scene.

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Majnu Finds An Evidence

Shivaay Finds An Evidence

Disguised himself as the chef, Shivaay now can enter his own room with no one suspects him. The room has now been labeled as a crime scene, by the police and investors. After looking around carefully, he luckily finds a button lying underneath the couch. However, this button does not belong to his waistcoat.

Shivaay then thinks very hard to try to find any connection between the button with the video footage where the murderer was shown.

Shivaay Consoles Anika

Shivaay - or now Majnu - Consoles Anika

As Shivaay made the escape, Anika has been struggling emotionally. With her heart too heavy, Anika comes to sit in front of the Ganapati idol and can not help but sheds some tears. Majnu then comes closer to her and ease her heart by telling her that Shivaay always has her on his mind, no matter where he is. On hearing Shivaay's voice, Anika totally breaks down and bursts into tears.

Majnu Is Asked To Leave The House

But then They Want Majnu Out Of The House

As Badepapa is having a phone call with a mysterious someone, Majnu happens to cross paths with Badepapa. On seeing him nearby, Badepapa becomes very irritated and gets furious. He then tells Majnu to leave the house immediately. Thankfully, the house members ask Badepapa to forgive him and ask for Majnu to stay.

Majnu Hires A Spy

Majnu Hires A Spy

In order to make a very critical phone call, Shivaay - now disguised as Majnu - gets into Anika's room. Majnu dials an international number and tells the listener the evidence Majnu has found. Majnu believes that these evidence will be of great help in order to local the true murderer.

Will Bhavya Arrest Majnu?

Will Majnu Get Arrested by Bhavya?

Now, to Anika's utmost shock, Majnu tells her the truth about his identity. At that moment, Bhavya has found some information about that international phone call Majnu has made earlier. Bhavya goes to find Majnu and he requests to talk to Majnu. To this, Anika resists and tries to waste some time.

What do you think will happen? Will more murder evidence against Majnu be found by Bhavya? Will the secret of Shivaay's real identity be leaked? Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


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