Indian Idol 2020 Controversy: All That Goes Wrong In The Reality Show

Salena Harshini |Feb 24, 2020

As the latest Indian Idol winner has been announced, check out the controversies that the famous reality show has gotten embroidered into.

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy

This season of Indian Idol 2020 has come to an end with the winner being announced. The grand finale’s winner is Bhatinda-hailed Sunny Hindustani. Sunny, who mostly performed songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on the show has bagged the coveted the Indian Idol 11 trophy along with a car, Rs 25 lakh prize money as well as a singing contract with T-Series.

His entry on the cult show was on the table as his soul-calming voice had cast the spell on the judge right from the audition.

Winner Indian Idol 2020 Controversy
Indian Idol 2020 winner is Sunny Hindustani

On another hand, besides its wide cover and reputation in the country, Indian Idol has been embroidered in quite a number of controversies. As Indian Idol 2020 has reached its closure, take a look at some of the scandals that have created waves among the fan community.

1. Indian Idol 2020 Controversy – On-screen staging

According to the sharing of a contestant’s acquaintance, the contestant came to the bhopal audition with all the excitement. She attended the audition and even posted her WhatsApp status with the background of the Indian Idol set. She also uploaded a number of her songs rehearsal videos.

Judge Indian Idol 2020 Controversy
Indian Idol audition is said to be scripted

However, on being asked about the real experience there, she stated that the entire audition things were fake. She said it was all scripted and there were no judges on the seats like what they show on the TV. The people who sat on the seats were only school teachers who are not professional singers of any genre.

2. Indian Idol 2020 Controversy – Unfair treating to contestants

During the 10th season of Indian Idol, a former participant has taken his hand-on experience on social media and the posts have gone viral for a while.

Nishant Kaushik who went to audition for 2012 Indian Idol got candid on his experience six years later. He has revealed an ugly side if the talent show.

For the first tweet, he said that his auditioning experience at Indian Idol years ago proved the show is the right platform for dreams to be destroyed.

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy Indian Idol

He said all the aspirants had to wait for an extremely long time to audition without any food stalls, drinking water taps or accessible toilets. Many arrived at the site at 5a.m, 7a.m but the gate only opens at 1 p.m. There was more waiting and they were given badges at 8 p.m and yet there was no audition yet.

When a contestant got irritated and demanded to see the judges and where the audition was actually held, a staff came up and slapped him in front of thousands of people.

There were conflicts at the site which made the contestants uncomfortable and badly tired. Check out the tweets here:

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy 1

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy 2

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy 3

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy 4

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy 6

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy 7

Former host of Indian Idol, Mini Mathur, was not surprised with what was shared regarding the show that she was previously associated with. Mini Mathur said,

Indian Idol 2020 Controversy

3. Indian Idol 2020 Controversy – Deceit in contestant profile

Again, this was claimed by an Internet user that the show is entirely scripted. They said that even the 2018 season’s contestants were decided prior to the start of the show.

Also, they claimed that those who attended the Indian Idol as aspirants were already good singers who have partaken in other reality shows before.

You can check out the list of participants who have joined reality shows before they went to Indian Idols and verify it through your searching tool:

1. Salman Ali- runner up of Saregama L’il Champs

Salman Ali Indian Idol 2020 Controversy
Salman Ali is the winner of Indian Idol 10, also involved in Indian Idol 2020 controversy

2. Nithin Kumar - 2nd Runner up of Saregama L’il Champs

3. Vibhor Parashar - Saregama L’il Champs

4. Kunal Pandit - Saregama L’il Champs

5. Neelanjana Ray - Runner up of Voice Kids

6. Renu Nagar - Saregama L’il Champs

7. Ankush Bharadwaj - Sargam Sur Sangeet

For all the information that we have gathered, it is still in the mist of whether these claims were a hundred percent true. We will have to pay attention to more details to have these Indian Idol 2020 controversy clarified.


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