Neha Kakkar Gifts 1 Lakh To "Indian Idol 11" Contestant For Diwali Celebration

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 28, 2019

Neha Kakkar is a significant humble soul as she simply made somebody's Diwali a ton better.

Neha Kakkar is a significant humble soul as she simply made somebody's Diwali a ton better. The vocalist, who is one of the judges in Indian Idol season 11, helped one of the hopefuls of the show.

Neha skilled one of the challengers Rs 1 Lakh as a Diwali blessing to light up his celebration. The candidate, Diwas, gave a significant execution that dazzled the judges as well as made Neha excessively enthusiastic.

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Another mystery of the show's forthcoming scene was discharged before today. In the video, a competitor is seen performing to Afghan Jalebi which was initially sung by Asrar (Syed Asrar Shah). The judges appear to be completely intrigued by the demonstration and even express the equivalent. Anu Malik even expresses that the person who develops with time gains genuine ground throughout everyday life. Next is Diwas' go to come on the stage and floor the judges and group of spectators with his presentation. Something we trust he figured out how to do!

Talking about his experience in the tryout round stills from his loved ones from Jharkhand additionally appear, who are exceptionally pleased with him. Considerably, cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar has great words to state about the youthful vocalist.

During one of the exchanges, Diwas even discusses his Diwali plans. Including this has been the most extraordinary one for him, he likewise talks about his past Diwali, 6 years prior, when he worked in an industrial facility while hearing fireworks being lit outside. Diwali likewise specifies that he has been away from home for as far back as six years now.

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While the judges stay quiet, Neha Kakkar is moved by his story. She is seen revealing to Diwas that she needs him to go visit his family and address commend the celebration of lights with them. Neha is then observed giving him Rs 1 lakh so he can come back and invest energy with his family in Jharkhand.


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