Ekta Kapoor: "I Took A Huge Risk By Letting Go My Whole Star Cast In Naagin 3"

Vaishnavi Gavankar |May 17, 2019

"There’s nothing like previous success in the business", said the television queen Ekta Kapoor.

Two new television serials Kawach Mahashivratri and Bepanah Pyaar were released by Ekta Kapoor on May 15, 2019, in an all press meet and media conference. Bepanah Pyaar is an all-new romantic thriller starring Ishita Dutta, Pearl V Puri, and Aparna Dixit. When Kawach is heading towards its second season starring Namik Paul, Deepika Singh, and Vin Rana.

Naagin 759
The star cast of "Naagin 3".

After introducing her shows and it's cast to the media Ekta sat down for a press meet in which she said that she is trying to build a camp or a fortress of her own actors and actresses regardless the fact that she doesn't have any long term contracts with the artists u like other production houses.

Actress Mona Singh is still from the serial "Kawach".

The producer decided to announce the second season of the Kawach on the backdrop of its moderate run on the TRP sheet. Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se starred Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya and Sara Khan in the leads. The first season was based on the mythological story of Savitri and Satyavan.

Naagin 3 Thumb
"Naagin 3" star cast.

She also mentioned about her willingness to let go off her star cast for any new season of her series as the show might become too repetitive. Agreeing to the fact that it always is a huge risk to let go the actors after garnering audiences faith, but, according to her, it is the best thing to do rather losing the audience because of repeating stories or characters.

Ekta said to an entertainment portal, "There’s nothing like playing safe in the industry. When I did Naagin 3, I let go of my biggest star, actually the whole cast. It was a huge risk. But it was important as it was getting repetitive. Also, Mouni wanted to move out, so it worked mutually. One can’t be attached to a brand. There’s nothing like previous success in the business”. Towards the end of the press meet, she hinted towards a new season of Naagin since this would be the end of the current season and not the entire series.


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