Hina Khan Blames Audience For Liking Violent Content On Bigg Boss 13

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 05, 2020

Bigg Boss makers and creators are being blamed for allowing violence inside the house.

Television actress Hina Khan and former Bigg Boss season 11 contestant has dubbed the current season as crazy and violent one. The ongoing season has become has been one of the violent televisio show till now. The previous seasons witnessed violence but such contestants were punished and were also thrown out of the house. During an interview, Hina Khan blamed the audience for liking such content which pushed the makers to promote such activities on the show.

Hina Khan blamed the audience for liking violent content in the show.

Several fights have taken place inside the house this season. Out of which has also turned into physical fights. Hina Khan also said that the contestants should not be solely blamed for indulging in violence. One of the major fight which broke out inside the house was between Madhruima Tuli and her ex beau Vishal Singh. Tuli was allegedly provoked by Singh when she picked up a frying pan and bashed him. This led to angry reactions on internet after which mother of Madhurima Tuli also condemned the incident.

Hina Khan said that after watching the current season she felt like she did not do anything on the show. The current season is crazy and people are out there indulging into violent act. She also said that the celebrities should not be blamed for such violent acts but it is the onus on show makers who are allowing them to indulge into such violent acts. While she also said that the makers and creators should not be blamed either as the format of the show is in such a way. The makers have given the liberty to contestants and that is the reason they are pushing, hitting and abusing contestants on the show.

She also said that during her season she did not indulge in violent activities and it was not seen during her season. Meanwhile, she also said that the audience has to be blamed for liking such content and that is the reason that Bigg Boss 13 are allowing contestants to indulge in violence. She said that people who are watching the show wait for such violent and ugly turns in the show. The makers are merely providing the content which the audience wants. If people stop watching such content, the makers will change the format of the show.


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