Here Is How Your Favourite TV Star Celebrates Navratri Every Year

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Sep 27, 2019

Yeah, it's the Navratri time and all the likes of loud music, Garba, sweets and long night hangouts with friends are again back for another ten days.

It's the month of October and it's time that everyone has been waiting for since over a year now.

Yeah, it's the Navratri time and all the likes of loud music, Garba, sweets and long night hangouts with friends are again back for another ten days.

While Navratri is around the corner, let's take a sneak peek into our favourite celebrities' activities during this festival and let's look at what they do during this time.

Debina Bonnerjee

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"I don't fast,'' says the actress from the 2008 Ramayan series. "As a youngster, I used to fast but not any longer because of sporadic shoot plans. I'm a Bengali and Durga Puja is something close to my heart.

During Navratri I eat normal sustenance yet on the last four days during Durga Puja, we devour rich four-course dinner. I leave my diet and eat Biryani and relish mouth-watering Bengali desserts, most loved being Sandesh", reminisces the actress when asked about her Durga Pooja memories.

Dipika Kakar

Navratri is about the moves, the dance and obviously, the colours say the Big Boss season 12 winner. She also added that "It is one celebration I generally anticipate! We all know that every day of Navratri represents a specific colour and it implies something.

I attempt to facilitate the colour shade according to the day. Additionally, on my off days from the shoot, I attempt and cook some unique food for the celebration for Shoaib and my loved ones, who love eating food made by me.

This year as well, I will set aside my time to go for some dandiya and Garba evenings with my friends and family".

Rashami Desai

"I am a Gujarati and for me, Navratri is at the foremost about getting dressed up all lit," said the actor from the famous Indian TV soap Uttaran. On asked about how she celebrates the 9-day festival, she said, "Meeting friends and watching everybody enjoying dandiya other than the customary pooja play is one of her favourite memories of the festival.

It's one of the most bright, rich festivals for Gujaratis. I, for the most part, can't go all the nine days because of my schedule. However, I try my best to go three days continuously without a break. I fast each of the nine days since so many years now. I eat only natural products during Navratri," concluded the actress.

Shivin Narang

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Shivin Narang2
" I have been following Navratri since a kid. I am a Delhiite and there, this is a major festival. I remember that there was pooja at home and Halwa and Chole Bhature were also made. Earlier, I used to fast each of the nine days but now given the idea of my shooting and also I live alone in Mumbai I do try to keep a fast at least on the first and the last day of the festival. And also I do the pooja at home all alone here", said the actor who is remembered for his portrayal of character Yuvi in Suvreen Guggal - Topper of The Year

Sumit Kaul

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Sumit Kaul is a famous Indian actor and voice-over artist. He is best known for his work in the role in the famous Indian TV soap Nazar. On asking about Navratri and how he celebrates Navratri, the actor said, "I am from Kashmir but born and raised here in Mumbai.

Earlier I used to be a vegetarian-only during the Navratri but since the past 6 years, I've turned completely to a vegan so nothing different for Navratri. Usually, Will do a havan on the eighth day along with my mother. Also, during this period we don't eat onion and garlic."

Daljit Kaur

"I have been celebrating Navratri by making a trip to different places. In my society, where I live, we have these little celebrations on each of the 9 days and it's wonderful to see everybody brightly dressed. I fast on the first and ninth day of Navratri. My professional life is furious and hectic and also I need to deal with my child during Navratri.

But all said and done, Navratri celebration comes with a parcel of positive vibes. The weather is also charming as well and it's a cheerful inclination to see all these happy people and being surrounded by them" said the TV actress who is best known for her winning performance in the famous Indian dance reality show Nach Baliye season 4.

Divyanka Tripathi


Divyanka Tripathi In Surat At A Dandiya Event
The actress who rose to fame with her dual role in the Television soap Banoo Main Teri Dulhann shares her amazing way of Navratri celebration with us. She said, "I have always loved the unique idea of Navratri as a festival. I would not shy back away to state that Garba is my preferred dance form.

Back home, I used to go for Garba Mahotsav and dance for quite a long time and win prizes. Garba, being an unadulterated type of dancing brings me into a thoughtful zone. Being a big name it gets tough to rehearse your moves in open social gatherings but still, I don't leave any chance to dance and relax and appreciate the chance at whatever point conceivable.

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma 651673

Richa Sharma 651684
"During celebrations, I change the vibe of the house by getting new delicate goods and adjusting furniture. I additionally prefer to enrich the fundamental entryway, with a rangoli. With regards to festivities at home, uncommon sustenance is an absolute necessity.

On account of my sibling, who is a gourmet specialist, the nourishment at home is additionally served in style. tidbits, fundamental course, and pastries are exhibited on the table, which makes the visitors feel welcome. We generally end our social gathering at home, by singing tunes. There can be no festival without music.

Dheeraj Dhoopar

Dheeraj Dhoopar
"Dussehra implies the start of the positive season, expelling all that is undesirable and negative. During my childhood days, we youngsters would observe Dussehra by making a huge effigy of Ravan and then we would burn it. Now, my wife and I redesign the house after profound cleaning. A systematic home causes one to live in a haven, away from the bedlam of the outside world.

Also during Dussehra, we purchase new things for the house to include a happy soul. We enhance the home with lights, aromas, and scented candles. Since adolescence, I have consistently been enamoured with making the home splendid with twinkling lights and I wind up doing the electrical work at home, myself. We additionally have a little pooja at home on this day", says the actor.

Saumya Tandon

"I can't stand dusty and filthy spots. I have a housekeeper, who cleans my home at least once a day. Aside from that, I have air purifiers in all my rooms, to free the quality of allergens and contaminations. I am inclined to hypersensitivities in light of stickiness thus, I have a dehumidifier in my room.

More often than not, my closet is efficient however now my garments have expanded in number. I have a different cabinet for packs, shoes, and frill. I need the assistance of two specialists, in my cosmetics room. For the celebration, I start by cleaning the fans, lighting and the kitchen at least a week before Navratri. I attempt and dispose of all old stuff and get the rugs laundered.

I, as a rule, purchase bed covers, pads, and floor coverings consistently, to include a vivid change for the celebration. I keep diffusers in all rooms, particularly the washrooms, for a crisp and smooth refreshing aroma".


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