Top Singers Of Bollywood Who Makes Navratri Concerts Rollicking Every Year

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Sep 29, 2019

Each state in India observes Navratri in their very own extraordinary way however the one strategy that most likely stays regular crosswise over geologies is the Garba and Dandiya move.

The nine-day celebration of Navratri honoring the triumph of good over malevolence starts on the 29 of September and finishes on the eight of October this year.

As usual, individuals the whole way across India have equipped and are eager to praise this naach-gaana-pooja fest that immerses our nation in beautiful lights, foot-tapping numbers, and some mouth-watering delights.

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Each state in India observes Navratri in their very own extraordinary way however the one strategy that most likely stays regular crosswise over geologies is the Garba and Dandiya move.

Garba lovers the nation overswing to customary dandiya tunes just as Bollywood move numbers all through this nine-day fest.

In recent years, this celebration has increased a ton of notoriety thus have the amazing vocalists and entertainers related to it.

Today, we bring to you a rundown of our nation's most prevalent Navratri vocalists you can trust if you intend to have a significant celebration loaded with move and party.

Falguni Pathak


She's one of the most prominent Indian female artists for Garba and has crowds of individuals arranging fully expecting her presentation.

It is regularly said that Navratri in Mumbai is about "Phalguni Pathak". Purportedly, this well-known artist charges an astounding INR. 1.10 crore every day during the Navratri fest.

Bhoomi Trivedi

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Known for her tune Ram Chahe Leela from Sanjay Leela Bhansali's motion picture Ram-Leela, Bhoomi is as well known as Pathak seems to be. This youthful star allegedly charges around INR 50 to 60 lakhs for every day.

Preeti and Pinky


Known for people and ancestral singing, this team been performing in front of an audience throughout the previous 18 years. They rose to popularity with their tune Piya from Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega, which was picturized on Rani Mukerji and Preity Zinta. They purportedly charge a measure of INR 50-60 lakhs for every day during Navratri.

Ismail Darbar


He is one of the most well-known appearances from Surat, Gujarat. He has laboured for quite a long while as a session musician for driving music executives and has likewise passed judgment on a few Indian melodic projects. It is said that he charges roughly INR 80 lakh for his Navratri indicates every day.

Soli Kapadia and Nisha Upadhyaya

5 Parthiv

These two vocalists are prominently known for Garba events in Vadodara and the couple charges around INR 40 lakh for their presentation during the nine days of Navratri. As opposed to boisterous music, their light music-based Garba is delighted in by entertainers in Gujarat.

Parthiv Gohil and Lalitya Munshaw

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Incredibly prominent for their melodies in Surat, this pair is consistently sought after in the state. Parthiv is celebrated for his playback singing in motion pictures like Devdas, Saawariya, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster, Kissan and numerous others. This group of two charges around INR 45 lakhs for each day during Navratri.

Devang Patel


Prevalently known as the amusing man of music, this artist has a great deal of fan following outside India. He by and large perform in Gujarat and charges anything between INR 3-5 lakhs for each presentation night.

Aishwarya Majmudar

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Prominently known as 'The Garba Princess', this youthful artist from Vadodara has increased tremendous fame as of late. She is known for her Garba shake collection and even though her expenses are yet obscure, she is one of only a handful rare sorts of people who are staying put.

With the forthcoming Navratri celebration, you will before long discover where and when these specialists will perform close to you.


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