Gauahar Khan On This Ramzan Being Different Amid Lockdown

Mohnish Singh |May 05, 2020

Gauahar Khan is missing shopping and delicious street food amid the Coronavirus lockdown. However, she is taking things in her stride.

Gauahar Khan is devoting a lot of her time in prayers amid Coronavirus lockdown. This is the holy month of Ramzan, but just like the rest of the community, this Ramzan is different for her as well. However, the actress is taking things in her stride and keeping a positive outlook.

Gauahar Khan
Gauahar Khan is devoting lots of time to prayers

Talking to a popular publication, Gauahar Khan says that Ramzan essentially is supposed to be about prayers and good will. In fact, this time it is better because there is no distraction. The actress adds that she has no shoot and hence, she is not stepping out of her house. She is getting much more time to pray and finish her Quran. She is happy with the fact that this time around, she would be able to do more than one recital of the Quran.

When asked about what has she been missing the most during the ongoing lockdown, Gauahar Khan says that she is missing her elder sister Nigaar Khan who is currently in America. She reveals that she spent the last two Ramzans with her. Her elder sister, who is also an actress, would take over the kitchen, make 10 different kebabs and desserts for the family during Ramzan.

Gauahar Khan is grateful to have her mother Razia Khan and cat Snow by her side during the lockdown. The actress says that her mother is happy to see her around. They talk, play cards and break their fast together.

However, it is quite frustrating for her to be unable to meet family and friends and go for a drive amid COVID-19 restrictions. The actress says that she is praying for the world to get through these testing times. The other day she was standing near the window while reading the Quran so that her prayer reaches all.


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