Former "Bigg Boss" Contestant Sofia Hayat Slams Troll Saying She Is Reason Of Increasing Rape Culture In India

Mina Muzumdar |Apr 09, 2019

Nude pictures which were posted by Sofia Hayat has cause such a stir on social media

TV actress and former Bigg Boss star Sofia Hayat has recently posted nude pictures of herself on social media. However, her post was not warmly welcome, instead received harsh criticism from the public. Some brutally slut-shamed the actress while another even cited her as “the reason for increasing rape culture” in India.

Sofia, as we all know, didn’t let things go down easily. The former Bigg Boss contestant then hit back the troll in a long statement.

Sofia Hayat seems can’t live without controversy as she always catches a lot of attention for her personal trouble life. From the short-lived marriage with Vlad Stanescu, a link-up rumour with cricketer Rohit Sharma, unfortunate miscarriage, the actress indeed grabbing attention from all corners.


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