Netizens Compare Priyanka Chopra To Trash Cans, Criticizing Her For (Again) Being A Hypocrite

Salena Harshini |Jun 12, 2020

Criticizing Priyanka Chopra for being vocal on selective issues, Twitter users put the actress on the same comparison with trash cans.

That one diva who can pull off every style is actress Priyanka Chopra. Anything from the stunning gown she wore in her Miss World winning moment to the black dress she put on for the ramp lately, PeeCee proves herself as a true fashion icon. Not just clothes but also accessories are the things that she can ace in.

However, recently, her sartorial sense has been made fun of. Surely a lot of fans have been showering her with compliments on her style, but it seems that not everyone is on the same page. A Twitterati has taken out a number of Priyanka Chopra’s most chic look sand compared them to trash cans.

Priyanka Chopra is being criticized, again, for "being a hypocrite"

This is not something out of fun, though, as netizens have been pissed off by PeeCee for her selective outrage. In the last few days, Priyanka has been under the waves of backlashed for her, as what they say, hypocrisy.

Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra’s husband, shared a post on social media saying that both of them support the current protest for Black Lives Matter. Besides the trolling online of Twitter users, the actress has received this rather quirky and upset-sounding bash from an account.

The Desi Twitterati expressed his anger towards Priyanka Chopra’s “hypocrisy” starting with the caption,

"Priyanka Chopra with her identical twin."

Here is the comparison thread:

Priyanka Chopra Vs Trash

Pri 3

Pri 1

Pri 2
A netizen comparing the actress to trash cans and many are agreeing on it

And this series is the opportunity for other upset netizens to show their dismay. A user can be seen writing, "U really think u can post the same pictures side by side and no one will notice hmm?".

Meanwhile, there is also a comment like this, "these spot the difference games are getting harder oof"

The tweet that Nick Jonas posted was in concern of George Floyd’s demise. The brutal act of Caucasian police suffocating an innocent black man has triggered people’s anger and a thread of protests. The actor-singer added in his Tweet that his wife along with him is against this racist and bigoted act.

Priyanka And Husband
Twitteratis have been leaving hating comments on Jonas's post targeting Priyanka

In the past, fans also lashed at Priyanka Chopra after she endorsed for a fairness cream. Most recently, regarding this case, she is criticized for being silent on multiple issues concerning the lives of minorities in India.


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