Father's Day Is Here! TV Actors Bring Us Lessons From Their Old Man!

Mohnish Singh |Jun 16, 2019

Father's Day is around the corner to honor dads all over the globe. All lessons from them make sure you grow up to be the best version of yourself. Here're what TV stars learned from their fathers.

Tinaa Dattaa

Tinaa Dattaa Compressed

Aastha Chaudhary

Aastha Chaudhary Compressed

Adaa Khan

Adaa Khan

Aniruddh Dave

Aniruddh Dave Compressed

Asmita Sood

Asmita Sood Compressed

Kinshuk Vaidya

Kinshuk Vaidya Compressed

STARBIZ wishes all fathers in the world a very very happy day!


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