Crews Member Report Kapil Sharma’s Flirty Behavious On The Show To Salman Khan?

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 24, 2019

Reportedly, in the most recent show on The Kapil Sharma, the comedian has inappropriate speech to a girl which created a stir. Read details!

Kapil Sharma has become the talk of the town again for his recent appearance on The Kapil Sharma show. A girl who recently appeared on the show accused the producer of having inappropriate behavior. Reportedly, the girl was accompanied by her father to the show. Kapil, however, said that if her father hadn’t come along, he would talk to her more.

Notably, what Kapil had said was not in the script which created a stir among the crew members of the show. The Kapil Sharma Show new season has recently started shooting with Salman Khan is the producer. The opening episode has attracted an enormous audience, and The Kapil Sharma was among the top-searched show on the TRP chart. Nevertheless, Kapil’s flirty behavior was complained by the crew members.

Earlier, the comedian also faced harsh criticism for calling Sunny Leone Italian pasta with white sauce. Kapil Sharma, however, rejects to comment about the matter.

The Kapil Sharma season 2 hit the screen on December 29, 2017. The new season has received praise from the audiences and has been ruled the TRP chart since it’s opening. Reportedly, Salman Khan’s taking part on the show as a producer, so the crew has to report to him regard Kapil’s digression from the initial script and his unusual reaction to the guest.


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