Comedian Tanmay Bhat Talks About His Depression After "AIB" Suspension

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jul 01, 2019

Tanmay took to the social media and uploaded a series of videos, sharing how the "AIB" suspension affected directly on his mental health.

Actor-comedian Tanmay Bhat who shot to fame with the comedy show AIB has been suffering from the clinical depression. He was suspended in the October 2018 following complaints of not acting against sexual harassment allegations made regarding his colleague Utsav Chakraborty.

Tanmay took to the social media and uploaded a series of videos, sharing how the suspension affected directly on his mental health.

He said: "After everything that happened in October, I'm mentally checked out. I feel almost paralyzed and unable to participate socially, online or even offline. I think a big part of my self worth growing up as someone who looked like me became my work. For most of my adult life, I worked at a company that I was trying to build."

Last month, AIB issued a statement and announced that Bhat would no longer be their CEO. Sharing what's he up to now, Tanmay Bhat said: "A lot of you have been asking fair questions - why don't you move on, why don't you rebuild, all fair advice but for some reason, I have just watched something that I have worked for last part of my adult life come crashing down. I have just been staring at the rubble going 'what now?'.

I don't think I've been strong enough to be able to pick myself. It's been a few months since the doctor told me to start medication. I honestly sometimes get super worried that this state of paralysis is permanent. I sometimes feel I might never get back to being who I was or operating to my potential."

Tanmay Bhat thanked people for supporting him. "It's nice to know there are still people out there who are rooting for us and me. I am still clueless about any answers to questions like when will I be back and doing what. I don't know. I'm still feeling extremely paralyzed to even put out this message because in my head no one wants to work with a depressed comedian and that's an oxymoron. But at some point, I just got to get up and start fixing this stuff. I owed you guys a thank you. That's all for now."

Vishal Dadlani and Tanmay Bhat

After opening up his battle with depression, many artists came out in support of him. Singer-composer Vishal Dadlani commented: " No rush, no pressure, take all the time you need to figure it out, but know that there is a world of love for you out there."

Comedian Kenny Sebastian wrote: "You have gone through so much and come out wiser and stronger, this will be no different."

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Tanmay Bhat in "Comicstaan Season 1"

Tanmay Bhat was one of the judges on Amazon Prime's stand-up comedy reality shows Comicstaan Season 1, will not be seen on the second season of the show that premieres on July 12.


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