Bigg Boss 12 Preview: Mastermind Vikas Gupta gonna reveal everything with the 'mirror of truth'?

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 27, 2018

Vikas Gupta - The Mastermind gonna show up and makes 'Bigg Boss 12' contestants as nervous as ever with his 'mirror of truth'. Will the secrets be revealed?

Bigg Boss 12 Preview with Vikas Gupa:

Bigg Boss 12 is back with a whole new season. Currently, the show becomes a hot topic in town with all the drama and conflicts among all the contestants in the house. The viewers are also expected much in this season as 'Vichitra Jodis' is a brand new concept. Bigg Boss has its first debut on September 16 and has been going for these whole 2 weeks. Every episode always catches all the attention due to the unexpected factors shown up from nowhere.

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Drama is never enough in the house. To make things much more complicated, Vikas Gupta will appear in tonight episode. He is the last season so-called 'Mastermind'. Vikas will bring with him the 'mirror of truth' and he may grill the contestants with all the hidden stories. In tonight's episode, the house will have a 'Night of revelations'. No one knows what secrets would be revealed. Thus, that exactly what makes the show more exciting! All the contestants should prepare well with Vikas's appearance.

Let's take a look of the amusing preview below:

In the preview, Vikas is denouncing Sreesanth, Neha and  Srishti because of their bad behavior in Bigg Boss 12's house. Vikas also gives Neha some advice. He says that she should involve more in various activities because people have high expectation on her. Moreover, he also asks Sristi to have more interaction with other contestants included the Jodis (the captain). The 'Mastermind' also warns Sreesanth that he may leave the show, but the only one who has loss is Sreesanth himself.

The preview also show the scene which Vikas praises Urvashi for her honesty. She stands up for the truth despite the fact that also means she annoys her team-mates. The 'Mastermind' also chose Urvashi to be one of his favorite members in Bigg Boss 12 up till now.

After the preview, the viewers cannot wait for the full episode. We all wonder how can Vikas Gupta affect the dramatic contestants in Bigg Boss 12!


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