Bigg Boss 12: Bandgi Kalra Says 'Vichitra Jodis' Concept Was Inspired By Her Romance!

Author |Sep 14, 2018

Bandgi Kalra believes that her love story is inspiring the upcoming theme of Bigg Boss. What do you say?

It will be only two more days for Bigg Boss 12 to hit the small screens again.

The ex-contestants of the show are sharing about their own experiences. Answering the Indian Express, Bandgi Kalra opened her heart about the journey on India's number one reality show. She shared that the concept behind Vichitra Jodis was actually inspired from her own romance.

Ofcourse, by that we mean the romance between her and beau Puneesh Sharma. Bandgi and Puneesh met for the first time onf Bigg Bogg 11. They immediately felt in love with each other. Even though their public display of affections infrom of cameras have brought about a lot of criticism, they were still in love. Proving that their love is not fake as the public rumored, the two lovers are still in deep love even one year after the show finished. Talking about Bigg Boss 11, Bandgi shared the following secrets.

“They Got The Idea From Us”

“They Got The Idea From Us”

Everyone love the concept of vichitra jodis, which is core to Bigg Boss 12. However, Bandgi claims that the idea came from them. She said, "this jodi became a hit, so we should try a jodi season."

Would She Participate Again?

Would She Join the Show Again?

"I don't think I will participate.", Bandgi shared. She believes what has to be done was done. She would love a guest appearance on the show for the sake of good old times, but she would never join to stay or compete again. It was not an easy journey for her. In fact, it was full of difficulties. And during the time of only three months, this show has given her all the possible experience.

Bigg Boss Has Turned Her Life Around

Bigg Boss Has Changed Her Life

Of course, such a big reality show has made a big impact on her life. Before Bigg Boss, she could go anywhere she likes and behaves, however, she wants to. Things are different now. Her every move is noticed and pictured. Understanding the life as a public figure now, Bandgi says that she likes it because it was actually what she wanted.

 She Doesn't Feel The Need To Marry

Marriage? Not To Hurry

The couple is in love, yes. They will tie the knot soon? Not really. Bandgi even said: "What's the need of getting married?"

To these lovers, just a stamp of approval does not have anything to do with their relationship. So marriage will be a topic of a far future, if they actually get to that day.

Her Tips For The Bigg Boss 12 Contestants

Inside Tips For The Bigg Boss 12 Contestants

"Just be yourself because no game plan can work inside the house." Bandgi confidently shared. "You cannot plan because you are under surveillance 24/7. Do whatever the situation is asking you to do." Yes! Just trust your guts and give it your all!

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