US Couple Get Married With Dogs As Bridesmaids Amid Lockdown

Bhavna Acharya |May 04, 2020

As the health crisis in the US showed no sign to stop, the pair decided to go ahead for the wedding with only 4 people and 2 dogs presented.

With more than 1 Million confirmed cases, the US is becoming the new epicenter of the world in the time of the coronavirus outbreak. While social gathering poses a deadly threat of transmission, holding parties, especially wedding celebrations happens to be impossible. Recently a couple in Ohio, the US decided not to put on hold their scheduled wedding but got some adaptation amid the lockdown which became a sensation on the internet. 

Couple Wedding Coronavirus Lockdown
A couple from the US decided to celebrate their wedding amid coronavirus lockdown

The 28-year-old engineer Autumn Wood and his fiancee Christian Miller decided to organize a unique wedding amid the quarantine rule in their state. In fact, the wedding took place right in their backyard with the presentation of only their parents while Autumn's brother-in-law stood as the officiant. Of course, all of them including the bride and groom are seen with facemasks. They also went live-streamed the ceremony on Facebook so their friends and family could watch instead of making their appearance at the wedding.  

However, the most special and adorable part about the wedding is their bridesmaids Oreo and Sasha which are two of their dogs. Take a look at other photos from their wedding:

Couple Wedding Coronavirus Lockdown 4
Oreo and Sasha, the special bridesmaids of the wedding
Couple Wedding Coronavirus Lockdown 2
One of their dog bridesmaids
Couple Wedding Coronavirus Lockdown 3
Autumn's brother in law presented as the officiant

According to the newlyweds, their wedding which was scheduled to take place on April 23 has been canceled due to the outbreak. As the health crisis in the US showed no sign to stop, the pair don’t want to wait any longer. They also want to give their friends and family some things positive and peaceful amid the chaos. That’s why they decided to go ahead for it.>

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