Charity Distributed Faulty Condoms, Uganda Man And Wife Contracted HIV

Hanima Anand |Mar 10, 2020

Two men in Uganda, one contracting HIV and one with gonorrhoea, have taken court action against a charity organization for distributing faulty condoms, leading to their health problems. Read their stories here!

On March 2nd, two men from Uganda officially took court action after Marie Stops International, a charity organization, gave them defective contraceptives.

Josheph Kintu and Sulaiman Balinya bought Life Guard condoms from Uganda-based stores of this organization in October last year but in November, they received the news that Marie Stopes International recalled over a million faulty condoms in Uganda. The defect was discovered by the government drug regulator.

Life Guard Faulty Condom In Uganda
Uganda man showing the Life Guard condom he bought from Marie Stopes

Unluckily, Kintu and Balinya bought defective packets of condoms which were supposed to be recalled and they burst during sex, which made them expose to deadly diseases.

Kintu was tested HIV positive on 6 November while Balinya contracted gonorrhea. Sadly, Kintu also inadvertently transmitted the lifetime disease to his wife.

Both men confirmed that they were in good health and had no sexual transmitted infections before using those Life Guard condoms.

Here is part of the court's document:

"As a result of negligent actions of the defendant, the first plaintiff [Kintu] contracted HIV – a lifetime disease which he inadvertently transmitted to his wife and as a result [he] has suffered mental anguish, inconvenience of which he shall claim general, specific and punitive damages.

The second plaintiff [Balinya] contracted gonorrhoea and suffered mental anguish; immense pain and inconvenience for which he shall claim general, specific and punitive damages.”

Uganda Family
6% of Uganda population between 15 and 49 are living with HIV

Following this claim, MHL Healthcare which based in India, has been suspended from supplying WHO and UNFPA with their products.

According to reports, Life Guard condoms are among the most popular brands in Uganda while 6% of Ugandans at the age of 15 to 49 are infected with HIV.

The total number of defective condoms that must be recalled in Uganda was 335,000 but the actual number of recalled packs was just 288,000.

Mittal Tower Nariman Point Mumbai
MHL Healthcare Ltd has its headquarter at Mittal Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Till now, there hasn’t been any official statement from MHL Healthcare, the producer of Life Guard condoms, or Marie Stopes International over the scandal.

Marie Stopes International is a charity organization that helps over 37 countries combat against the problems of unintended pregnancies, STDs, unsafe abortion and maternal deaths by distributing contraception and safe abortion services.

The organization was founded in 1976 and has its headquarter in London, United Kingdom.

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