20+ Exotic Cats And Dogs Photos Gone Viral, No.2 And 24 Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Salena Harshini |May 11, 2020

The exotic and special looks of these cats and dogs will send you into an awe-striking (and aww-ing) zone as their appearances are like no other in this world.

Many people have one or two unique things about their look such as uneven eyes, two-colored eyes, and such. For the unversed, the same is true with animals and those one-of-a-kind traits are what makes them look so out of this world.

We could not help but share these precious pictures of the most adorable and special pets with you. They look extremely exotic and it’s very unlikely that there would be another animal in the world that shares the same appearance with them.

1. This Shiba Inu's dogs look like they are dipped in charcoal. Look at that smile, what an elegant little thing.

source: Gilbert78913 / Reddit

2. Someone’s dad sent them the photo of this cat whose fur makes it look like it is being eaten by another, even ditsier, cat.

Cat 1
source: Semantiks / Reddit

3. Its name is BeBop and it may come from an Avatar nation.

Special Pets 1
source: AbbeyRoade / Reddit

4. This dog does not have a tail, while her eyes have two different colors. Although she is 11 years old, she stil behaves like a puppy.

Special Pets 2
source: Ryuary / Reddit

5. Eyebrows on fleek! Have you seen any dog that has eyebrows like Pepper?

Special Pets 3
source: KJtoofresh / Reddit

6. While the above have eyebrows, this one has lips.

Special Pets 4
source: skepticallincoln / Reddit

7. A black and grey Fitzgerald with his favorite toy.

Dog Toy
source: emmentine- / Reddit

8. This is the face of the cat that bullies another neighbor cat. His name is Murphy and he looks like he does not give a damn. Can you spot that Pac-Man mark on his nose/lip?

Special Pets 5
"Do I look like I care?" (source: icanhitbaseballs / Reddit)

9. It is not strange when this dog’s owner is told that it has crazy eyes.

Special Pets 6
source: mdsurf / Reddit

10. This is definitely among the most special pets ever. Elli the cat was born with tuxedo markings but they gradually fade away because of vitiligo over three years.

Special Pets 7
source: mac_is_crack / Reddit

11. Humans are not the only specie that sometimes wears different socks. The proof is this very calico cat.

Special Pets 8
source: DannyHallam / Reddit

12. “Hello, I’m Luna! I have a beautiful heart-shaped spot right over my eye.”

Special Pets 9
source: klasnaya / Reddit

13. She is beauty, she is grace, she needs an eyebrow makeover apace.

Special Pets 10
source: Beckbeck24 / Imgur

14. A cute pup resting soundly by the window. What a serene and soothing view.

Special Pets 13
sourve: starksoph / Reddit

15. “Dogs have lips? I do, too!”

Special Pets 11
source: Marzipan86 / Reddit

16. The dog is one year old when this pic were taken and the only thing that grows is her ears. No one complains because she could hear you.

Special Pets 12
source: atmosphericspark / Reddit

17. I’m special and I know it! Look closer and you will see a number 3 on her paw.

Special Pets 14
source: TartarosNemesis / Reddit

18. The best boy looks so innocent. His fur looks like it is covered with a layer of coconut sprinkle.

Special Pets 15
source: ThunderHam11 / Reddit

19. One of the top special pets has a black and brown cat on her back.

Speical Cats
source: katcarver / Reddit

20. He is not angry. It’s just that he has mean eyebrows.

Special Pets 17
source: sethrogensalien / Reddit

21. Coraline the cat is among the most special pets. When the boss brought her to the office, people are astonished that she has thumbs.

Special Pets 18
source: ___elliebellie / Reddit

22. Another animal that has vitiligo. This pretty dachshund looks like he is half painted with white paint.

Special Pets 19
source: am_trans / Reddit

23. Isn’t this the prettiest cat face you have ever seen? That look makes you want to take it into your embrace.

Special Pets 20
source: ginnydyer_ / Reddit

24. This beautiful boy has a heart on his head!

Special Pets 21
source: qwertyas123 / Reddit

What do your pets look like? Is there something about their appearance that amazes everyone who sees them?

What about the look of your pet? We are sure that there could be something unique about their look that makes them one of the most unusual and special pets ever.


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