Overloaded Ventilators Breaks Out In ICU, 5 Russian Coronavirus Patients Died

Ankita Chetana |May 12, 2020

On Tuesday, a fire smoke from St. George Hospital was found in a viral video on social media. Inspectors said it was caused by broken ventilators overloaded in an ICU, leading to the death of 5 coronavirus patients inside.

After a fire spread over an intensive care unit (ICU) of a Russian hospital, five coronavirus patients were found dead when they were going through treatment inside. Russian news agencies Interfax and TASS shared a report saying that the blaze began at 6 am local time. This is not the first time this incident happened in a Russian hospital.

Fire From St George Hospital
The fire smoke from an ICU of St. George Hospital in Russia

The fire was made because of overloaded ventilators inside the ICU of St. Goerge Hospital in St. Petersburg, according to the regional department's head of the Emergencies Ministry Alexei Anikin. He opened up:

"There were 20 patients in total - all lying down. Fifteen people were taken to a safe place on the floor. Five people could not be saved."

Check out the video of the shocking incident doing the rounds these days:

An anonymous source knowing the incident said to Interfax:

"The ventilators were pushed to their limits. Preliminary data says that one of them was overloaded and burst into flames."

On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Emergencies reported that the fire reached an area of 10 square meters in the ward and was finally stifled by 9.40 am local time. As per the report of TASS, when acknowledging the fire breakout, the hospital evacuated one hundred and fifty people.

Firefighters From St George Hospital
On Tuesday, the firefighters reached St. George Hospital to extinguish the fire

Due to the serious outbreak of coronavirus in Russia, the emergency services in the country are undergoing a period of pressure. On Monday, there are 11,000 fresh cases and 94 new dead people reported in Russia. Up to now, over 2,110 patients died of coronavirus in this country.

Earlier last Saturday, a sudden fire from a hospital in northwestern Moscow also killed one person. It seems that Russian hospitals need to care more about the condition of facilities and patients.


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