[BREAKING] North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Is In Grave Danger Post Surgery, US Official Says

Leela Adwani |Apr 21, 2020

Kim Jong Un was in a critical health condition post cardiovascular surgery last week, according to the US officials

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in the news today after the US officials announced that they are seeking more details about his heath after getting informed Kim was in a critical health condition post cardiovascular surgery last week.

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un is reportedly in grave danger

US’ investigation

The Trump administration was not sure of the current condition of the leader. One of the US officials stated that the White House was informed that Kim Jong Un’s health turned worse after undergoing the surgery. Meanwhile, according to the world’s leading daily news portal CNN’s latest report cited by a US official, North Korea’s leader is currently in grave danger.

Kim Jong Un And Donald Trump
Us is seeking more information about Kim's health condition

Kim Jong Un didn’t attend one of the most important events of the nation

In fact, Kim was recently absent from the birthday celebration of his grandfather taking place on 15 April which is considered one of the biggest events of the nation. That later fueled widespread speculations about his well-being. Kim had only been seen 4 days before the birthday party at a government meeting.

Another US official also told CNN that the concerns for Kim Jong Un’s health are truly credible though the severity is not easy to assess.

The reason behind his surgery

Meanwhile, the South Korea-based online newspaper Daily NK which focuses on North Korean updates, claims that on 12 April leader Kim adopts a cardiovascular system procedure. The reasons behind this medical treatment are supposed to be his excessive smoking, overworking and obesity.

Kim Jong Un 2
Obesity, smoking and overworking are said to be the reasons

As per a source from South Korea told CNN, North Korea’s top leaders are extremely aware of such reports about Kim’s current health status. However, they cannot verify the details that are already published by Daily NK independently. Meanwhile, the source also acknowledged that his health problems related to smoking and weight are very well-known but they are still waiting for more information.

South Korea officials don’t confirm

Presidential Blue House of the neighboring country South Korea stated that they currently have no evidence to confirm the reports related to Kim’s decreasing health condition. They also said that no unusual signs have been spotted or detected inside this isolated country.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry and Unification Ministry have also given no comment towards such matters.


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