K-Pop Idols Kim Heechul And Momo Are Tied Up In Dating Rumors Again But They Confirmed Officially

Ankita Chetana |Jan 02, 2020

Finally, after a long time of dating rumors, Kim Heechul and Twice’s Momo have confirmed their relationship and fans are just excited to spread the news.

A New Year in K-Pop often begins with a dating rumor of the most sought after idols and this time, Kim Heechul (former member of Super Junior) and Twice’s Momo have rocked all the headlines with their official confirmation. In detail, earlier this morning (midnight KST), a Korean leading daily reported that the two have been dating each other after 6 months of the same news.

Kim Heechul And Momo

Heechul Momo

For the first time, both Label SJ (Kim Heechul’s agency) and JYP Entertainment (Momo’s agency) denied the rumor. But now, they have given the official announcement of the two famous idols’ relationship and stated that the duo just started dating recently.

Momo Heechul

Many fans suggested that in spite of coming from different generations of K-biz, both of them seem to shine a good feeling towards each other. Meanwhile, several netizens began reminiscing the couple’s initial interactions together in public. Three years back, they created a buzz by the iconic “Nico Nico Nii” imitation by Momo on the fifth-anniversary episode of the renowned TV show Weekly Idol.

Heechul And Momo

Momo And Heechul

At the game show, the guests were required to turn Heechul’s heartbeat faster, Momo’s action made him giddy obviously. But the point to heighten his emotion up was when the Twice member said Japanese ‘Good morning’ to him in a cute way. Watch the full lovely interaction here!

As soon as the news arrived on social media, various global fans congratulated the couple on their own social accounts and in the comment sections as well. Not stop then, many of them reminded us of the two’s adorable memes. On the other hand, some people raised a query about their age gap of almost 13 years. Ahead of such confusing questions, Heechul and Momo’s fans strongly emerged and bashed the posts questioning about that issue.


Otherwise, the former member of Super Junior also announced his break off his YouTube channel from now on and wished everyone a happy new year. It was unhappy news for his followers but as long as he is still here with them, they will support him and wait for his comeback soon in the future.


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