Japanese Rapunzel Has Not Trimmed Her Hair For 15 Years, Amazes The World With Her Super Long Locks

Salena Harshini |Mar 09, 2021

Japanese Rapunzel lives true to her name as she has not had a haircut for 15 years. Her floor-length hair would make a surprising scene at the park at night.

We have known about Disney’s Rapunzel with the hair that can extend to the length of a castle. Meanwhile, you may not have known that we have Japanese Rapunzel in real life.

She said she has not cut her floor-length hair for 15 years and it is her “weapon” of self-expression.

Rin Kambe
Her hair touches the floor while she seats on a tool.

She stopped trimming her hair since 20 years old

Rin Kambe’s hair length is around 6ft 3in or 190cm. She claimed that she has not trimmed it for more than ten years. It was when she changed to Buddhism and began pursuing her aspiration to become an artist.

Rin Kambe 2
Her hair can make anyone turn heads and acclaim for its uniqueness.

The Tokyo-based dancer and model said it can be challenging to maintain her long hair. The Japanese Rapunzel explained that she uses saffron-made scalp cream and keeps track of the iron intake to grow her locks.

Her dance expression weapon

According to Rin Kambe, she said her natural super long hair is the ‘weapon of dance expression’. She added,

“My hair is straight, black, and I like the fact that my hair can express the beauty of Asia. There are people in the world who appreciate it, and there are also people who think it is the monster of hair.”

Rin Kambe
Her floor-length hair almost touches the ground when she rests it on an outdoor railing.

Moreover, she added that opinions may vary, but natural hair makes one earn maximum self-expression. She is happy if others feel amazing when seeing her Rapunzel dance show.

In fact, she often updates pictures of her impressive long locks on Instagram. Here are some of the pictures shared on her social media account:

Rin Kambe 3
The Japanese Rapunzel poses while promoting her hair product.
Rin Kambe 1
She wraps it around her whole body and spreads the hair to the side of her head.
Rin Kambe 2
Rin Kambe finally manages to get the hair off the ground by balancing on a tree trunk, wearing high heels.
Rin Kambe 3
She ties up her 190cm hair in a ponytail that reaches the ground and in a knotted braid.

She started growing her hair out after turning to Buddhism. And its length is making the world in awe.

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