Italian Man Went For A 420-Km Walk After Arguing With His Wife

Salena Harshini |Mar 31, 2021

An Italian man who went for a walk to cool off after getting into an argument with his wife was found 420 kilometers from his home, after walking for a whole week.

You may have heard about some man leaving home for a bit in order to get themselves cool down after an argument with their partner. However, this Italian man took it to another extreme as he was found 420km from his house after walking for an entire week.

Walked away after a household fight

The 48-year-old male hails from Como in the north of Milan, Italy. He and his wife reportedly got into a heated quarrel one day. Then, the man stormed out of his home to go for a walk and cool his head.

Italian Man Walks 280 Miles
The Italian man made the news for his epic walk.

There was nothing unusual about that except the protagonist of this story never actually stopped walking. He only stopped a week later as a police patrol in Gimarra told him to. He was seen on the Adriatic coast which is 418km away from his own hometown.

Allegedly, the police officers were patrolling the Gimarra streets to nake sure people were following the curfew in Italy when they saw a man walking at 2 a.m. They stopped their car, asked him some questions, and took him to the station.

Italian Man Walks 280 Miles 2
They call him Forrest Gump in real life.

The police identified him there and found out his wife had reported him missing. It was at that point that he told them the epic story behind the walk.

"I’m fine, I’m just a little tired.”

He shared that he had been in a fight with his spouse one week ago and stepped out for a walk to clear his head. The thing was he never really stopped. With no transportation, he covered a surprising 420 kilometers on foot only in seven days. That means an average of 60km per day.

Reportedly, the man said,

“I walked all the way. I didn’t use any means of transportation. All these days I survived on food and drink offered to me by kind people along the way. I’m fine, I’m just a little tired.”

Italian Man Walks 280 Miles 4
Policemen had to fine him for breaking the nationwide curfew amid the pandemic.

After hearing his unique explanation, the policemen decided to let him go. They had also notified his wife and gave him a 400 euro fine ($490) for breaking the nationwide curfew. Moreover, they even got him a room at a local hotel where he spent the night till the wife arrived to pick the man up.

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