Friday the 13th - Creepy Stories That Happened On This Unluckiest Day

Hanima Anand |Mar 13, 2020

Do you believe in the unlucky Friday the 13th? If the answer is no, you may change your mind after reading these scary stories that did happen on this day!

For a long time, people have considered Friday the 13th the unluckiest date in the year. However, it does not happen annually but it may take place several times a year.

And today is that day.

For those who don’t know, we even have a word to describe the fear for Friday the 13th, friggatriskaidekaphobia! Sound like a witch’s spell right?

The question is why are people so afraid of this day? Where did this fear all start?

Let’s read these creepy true stories which happened right on Friday the 13th to know why friggatriskaidekaphobia exists.

Friday the 13th, 1972

On this day in October, the plane carrying a rugby team of Uruguay crashed on a Chile-bound flight, leaving 31 people dead. However, that’s not the creepiest part of the story.

Friday The 13th Plane Accident
The story of this plan crash scared many people till date.

14 people had survived the crash but it took 2 months for them to find assistance and be rescued. In order to live through those days, many had resorted to eating human flesh of their own dead teammates.

Friday the 13th Accident Rates

In 1993, people decided to research how unlucky this day was by checking the hospitalization rates of this day compared to Friday of a week earlier.

Car Accident
Drive careful on this day!

The result left them in shock. There was a 52% increase in the hospital rates by car accidents. Since then, people are advised to stay at home on Friday the 13th to save lives.

Friday the 13th, 2010

On August 13th, Friday, 2010, a teenager was struck by lightning in England. The story is not worth mentioning till people found out the time he was struck, at exactly 13:13 guys!

13 is the doom number of the unfortunate teenager.

Friday the 13th Weather

The bad luck has its own climate pattern! The history has recorded many bizarre weather occurrences on Friday the 13th, namely the bushfires in Australia in 1939 which burnt 4 million acres of land or the 24-inch snowfall in New York in 2006.

Bushfire In Australia
Right at the moment, bushfire in Australia is still happening.

Friday the 13th, 1996

On Friday 13 September, 1996, the legendary rapper Tupac passed away after being shot on the Las Vegas strip 6 days before.

Rapper Tupac
RIP Tupac!

Friday the 13th, 1987

A North Wales bus conductor Bob Renphrey didn’t believe in bad luck but then changed his mind after this day. He later narrated his ordeal on Friday the 13th days: crashing 4 cars, one motorbike, lost the job, fell into a river and walked through a plate glass door.

Bob Renphrey
Bob Renphrey is called The walking disaster since then.

Funny enough, when he died, his wife tried booking his funeral on exactly Friday the 13th in March, 1998 but all the undertakers were busy. Bob Renphrey hated Friday the 13th and so did that day unlike him.

Friday the 13th Obsession

If you think your fear has nothing to do with others and the fear of others shouldn’t bother you as well, then you’re wrong.

New York Gloomy Day
Friday the 13th is a gloomy day for the world economy.

According to reports, the world economy has witnessed $900 million loss on this day when people don’t dare to go out for work, or travel.

Friday the 13th, 1829

Someone loves risking their lives to prove a point. This time is the story of Sam Patch who attempted to jump from Niagara Falls and stay alive to show that Friday the 13th was not something scary.

Sam had practiced the jump before to make sure it worked, but… You guessed the last part!

Niagara Fall
Don't ever joke with the death!

He couldn’t make it on Friday 13 November 1829 for unknown reason.

Don’t be like Sam!

Anyway, these are what happened outside India. You shouldn't take it seriously as there's no scientific proof that Friday the 13th is the day of bad luck.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to visit for more updates!


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