Epic! Deaf Man Sues Pornhub For Not Adding Subtitles To Video

Ankita Chetana |May 21, 2020

Under the Disabilities Act of America, Pornhub has been sued by a deaf man named Yaroslav Suris when this company broke the rights of the disabled.

According to Yaroslav Suris, a deaf man, Pornhub's videos without subtitles violated the rights of the deaf and hearing-impaired under the Disabilities Act of America. While other people can easily understand the content, it's hard for the deaf to catch up with which message the videos want to transfer.

Deaf Man Sue Pornhub
Recently, a deaf man (Yaroslav Suris) claims a legal notice to Pornhub for not adding subtitles or closed captioning

It seems to be weird when this deaf man made a decision to sue Pornhub. Yaroslav's lawyer said that closed captioning or lacking subtitles in videos shows discrimination to the deaf and hearing-impaired.

The man shared that despite watching the full videos, he can't get the full content as they have no captions running on the video. Not only reporting the effects of this action but the lawsuit also focuses on the future act of Pornhub with a more inclusive transmission.

Pornhub Without Subtitle
The issue of videos without subtitles or closed captioning can be understood as a disrespectful action to the deaf or hearing-impaired.

After getting the lawsuit, Pornhub replied:

"We understand that Yaroslav Suris is suing Pornhub for claiming we’ve denied the deaf and hearing-impaired access to our videos. While we do not generally comment on active lawsuits, we’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we do have a closed captions category."

Reports also pointed out that claims of online videos' closed captioning had been done several times before. This means that online content sometimes doesn't really care for the side of the viewers.

One of BBC's reports in 2015 shared YouTuber Rikki Poynter's opinion about raising awareness for closed captioning on this biggest video basis. Poynter's video talking about this issue was an inspiration to well-known YouTuber Tyler Oakley. Later, he adds closed captioning to every video he uploads on YouTube.


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