BREAKING NEWS!! Korean Idol Goo Hara Found Dead At Her Home, Police Suggests It Was A Suicide

Ankita Chetana |Nov 25, 2019

2019 seems to be a woeful year to K-biz when two big icons of Korean beauties consecutively passed away, leaving a dead sorrow and the indignation for those who had delivered negative words on them.

Yesterday, K-net once again raised the waves of the tragic record on Goo Hara’s death at her home. K-biz has never witnessed so many losses like now when two great beauty icons were found passed away in their homes.

Goo Hara 3

It has been widely known that Goo Hara (28 years old), the former member of the used-to-be-famous girl group KARA is Sulli’s best friend. After Sulli’s demise, many people paid their worry towards Goo Hara as she might have met some signals of a depressed person. But right on everyone’s suspicions, she committed a death 6 weeks post Sulli’s passing in October.

Goo Hara 2

According to some sources, several years ago, the Korean idol met the same case with her best friend Sulli when she used to try to suicide because of some rumors related to her boyfriend but she didn’t succeed. At that time, netizens still threw many cruel words to her and even when she cried before Sulli’s demise, they also thought that she pretended to show that. What a strong pressure for Goo Hara!

Goo Hara 1

The singer’s acquaintance was the one who discovered her tragic death and then immediately called the service of emergency. The Gangnam Police Department announced that she was found breathed her last at around 6 PM KST at her home in Cheongdam-dong.

Following the updated information, the police have found a memo at the place of Hara’s passing. They are still on the investigating process to affirm that she did write it and consider if it is her will. Because of the ambiguous side of the memo, they may carry on an autopsy on the singer for the investigation.

Goo Hara

Two days before her heartbreaking demise, she took to Instagram to wish fans a good night. Nobody could imagine that this was her last words. After her passing, Heechul (Super Junior’s member) set his account on Instagram to the private status and unfollowed everybody. Once again, a lot of fans have worried about Heechul that they have promoted other people to send him millions of positive supporting messages.

heechul Instagram account

Goo Hara’s demise has still been on a question of the reason and it might be not a kind of committing suicide. The passing of a couple of best friends has risen a big query in every fan when their deaths are really a short time to happen. Stay tuned to update more information!


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