No Drugs, No Alcohol, A 25-year-old Woman Spotted Naked While Strolling On A Main Street In The US

Leela Adwani |May 26, 2020

A 25-year-old mother was arrested by police for not wearing anything while strolling on the main street in her neighborhood.

As the whole world is fighting against the intangible enemy, Coronavirus pandemic, people in many countries have been practicing social distancing. When we have been stuck indoor in such a long time, all we need is just a normal stroll. Many manage to do so despite the lockdown order in their country. However, some even do it in a relatively quirky way and a 25-year-old residing in Dothan, Alabama, the US is a case in point.

Alysia Nicole Faircloth was arrested

A woman named Alysia Nicole Faircloth was recently spotted taking a stroll on the West Main Street in her neighborhood but totally naked.

The antics of the young mother was spotted by a very shocked local who later dialed 911 to report the case. The spokesperson of the Dothan Police Department stated,

‘After the tip was received, officers responded to the 2300 block of West Main Street where they witnessed Faircloth walking with no clothing on. As the officer approached Faircloth, she attempted to put on a shirt and shorts.’

Woman Naked
She was charged for a misdemeanor

She was arrested and charged for a misdemeanor as police discovered her not under any influence of alcohol or drugs during her incomprehensible naked stroll.

So there is no reason excused her flashing, although she is filling her Facebook handle with a lot of memes and updates warning everyone not to judge her.

Earlier, the netizens were also shocked by a video of a Chinese woman masturbating on sofa couches and beds in an Ikea store. The video shows her half-naked while donning an over-sized shirt. She could be seen touching in several sections of the store started on a chair then leaned to the bed.

Many social media users recognized her as a porn star in China named Fullfive. However, no confirmation has been made about the name of that woman.

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