8-Year-Old Boy In Kerala Calls Police To Arrest His Sister For Not Playing With Him

Ankita Chetana |May 14, 2020

A Kerala boy who is at the age of 8 has been doing the rounds these days when requesting the police to arrest 5 girls including his sister as they didn't play with him.

Recently, the police in Kerala caught a bunch of surprises and laughter when they received a phone call from an 8-year-old boy in Kerala. He confounded the police with a weird and confusing request of arresting his sister and 4 other girls since they bullied him and didn't play with him amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

8 Year Old Boy In Kerala
Umar Nidar, 8, requests police to arrest 5 girls

On Monday, Umar said to the police:

"They are making fun of me because I am a boy. They are not allowing me to play ludo, shuttle (badminton), Police and Thief game with them."

Actually, it's not his idea to call the police as earlier his father joked and suggested him to do so. The little boy innocently followed his father's opinion while the other girls beside his sister are related to his family and neighbors.

The lockdown seemed to be boring to the boy when he couldn't join the children's team to play around. Upon his request, Civil Police officers of Kasba Police station UP Umesh and KT Niraz reached his residence to solve the 'problem' by advising the girls to let Umar Nidar join.

Little Boy in Kerala Complains For Not Let Him Play
He complains when he can't join the game ludo

On May 10, when the two police officials visited Umar's neighborhood to investigate more, the boy in Kerala handed over his complaint written in English to them. Earlier, they told the third-standard student to visit his home the next day as Umar shared his complaint in the late evening.

The police indeed reached his house one day after and the boy expressed his idea:

"I told them (the girls) several times to take me along in their games, but they refused."

KT Niraz said that he and Umesh talked with the other children to include Umar Nidar when playing. After that, Umar's sister stated that she and the other girls haven't thought he could call the police for this issue.

You may want to know the coronavirus lockdown status in Kerala. Watch this video:


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