5 Times Twitch Female Streamers Got Banned For Being Way Too Seductive

Salena Harshini |May 30, 2020

Take a look at the times popular Twitch female streamers were banned on the game platform for being too revealing and inviting.

Twitch female streamers are often those who attract the most attention as they can not only skillfully play games but they also have a scalding hot figure. However, sometimes it is their weapon that sends them into some not very pleasant experience.

4 Korean models banned for the bath scene live-streaming

Recently, four Korea-hailed model-streamers who are known for their hot looks have made the audience’s eyes pop with their live streaming time in a pool. The female streamers with respective nicknames sooflower, chobinman0125, damicos, and addielyn9 can be seen wearing a revealing bikini and wiggling in provocative poses.

This performance is hot, literally, which guarantees that everyone watching this would drool. You can watch a part of their Livestream section here:

As it should be, their live streaming quickly took the top in Twitch’s “Just Chatting” section with a flabbergasting number of viewers. This is probably among the most viewed video of Twitch.

However, Twitch themselves and many others perceived that this bathing scene was too repugnant, therefore immediately banning these four accounts. All addielyn9, sooflower, damicos, and chobiman0125 received the 24-hour ban for skimpy streaming content, in contrast with the general policy of this streaming platform.

Twitch female streamers
Four Twitch female streamers in their viral tub scene

To a number of viewers, the mutual bathing streaming of these four models is too sexual and over the top. Therefore, a 24-hour banning was only on a mild level.

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Banned for bending and cleavage exposure

A lot of people think that the platform should restrict their policies more, especially with the Twitch female streamers case. CinCinBear – one of the sexiest girls on Twitch also received a banning order after getting into some problem with her naughty dress.

Twitch female streamers Cincinbear
This is just a small dot in CinCinBear's arousing pic collection

For those who don't know, CinCinBear is one of the most versatile streamers on Twitch when it comes to streaming a mixture of games at the request of the audience. In addition to her beautiful and sexy appearance, she also very often streams pictures of her private life, and here is where the disaster came from.

Specifically, CinCinBear's channel disappeared after an unintentional accident. In a clip taken from CinCinBear’s streaming, viewers can see the female streamer dancing behind the PC, before leaning down and pouring food for her puppy. But with a wide-necked shirt, her crouching action has satisfied the online community’s eyes. However, it became a thorn with the Twitch managers.

And then, a punishment was imposed when CinCinBear's channel was banned from the public for violating community guidelines - which have regulations banning nudity, provocative content, despite the fact that via the video, we can't see very clearly her unfortunate moments.

The invisible underpants

Quqco is also among those Twitch female streamers who know exactly how to set the atmosphere on fire with her looks. One time, she appeared as Mai Shiranui, a Dead or Alive game character known for her sexiness.

Twitch female streamers Invisible Pants
Viewers had a nosebleed seeing her photos

Her stream video managed to make the viewers sweat not only with her breasts but also the teasing dress, especially her invisible underpants.

When a user asked whether she was wearing actual pants, she pulled her dress up in response and showed the viewers her lower body.

Twitch female streamers Invisible Pants 1
This is the picture that got her banned from the plarform

Almost immediately, this underwear-flaunting performance was traced down by the “anti-adult-content team of Twitch and the Livestream account of Quqco was blown away like ash.

Another streamer banned after streaming at the pool

Instead of just being indoors and playing games, as usual, big-lemon streamer Pink Sparkles decided to move the stream location outside at the pool and of course, accompanied by was a hot bikini.

Twitch female streamers Sparkles
Pink Sparkles is one of the Twitch female streamers who are known for their sexiness

After streaming for a while, this girl met a lot of opposition from the community on Twitch, when they thought her live section was like an 18+ program.

But Pink Sparkles is also quite wise to agree with the objections of the viewers and said that if they did not like that, she would not do so.

It can be said that this is a very wise move of Pink Sparkles when in a similar case, streamer girl Savanasushi was restricted by Twitch after asking viewers to follow her when streaming similar bikini at the pool.


Qing Qing may not be a streamer on Twitch but she also went viral after her revealing moments online.

For some reason, on a good day, she decided to show the fans that she was practicing and studying to be a "photographer" in the future.

Twitch female streamers Qing Qing
Qing Qing is a bonus mention in this list

The story would not be worth talking about if after that she did not casually show off the images of herself wearing a very professional camera.

Showing off the new camera was fine, but it's worth noting that Qing Qing's outfit was so sexy as it seemed like she was only wearing black lingerie. This makes her channel immediately bug away after just one note.

Twitch Streamer
To be frank, who can focus on the camera she has?

But at least there is a consolation point for Qing Qing when immediately after that accident, the online community was eager to ask for her info, and she became famous right after the picture series.


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