Rafael Nadal’s Luxury Yacht First Time Spotted On Water In Mallorca, See Pics!

Hanima Anand |Jun 09, 2020

Just yesterday, fans got an eye treat when seeing Rafael Nadal launched his brand new luxury yacht on Mallorca water. See pics inside this top-notch catamaran!

As a way to affirm his status as the world No2, Rafael Nadal spent a whooping amount of £4.5million (over Rs. 22 crores) on the luxury yacht named 80 Sunreef Power.

Rafael Nadal Yacht 1
Rafael Nadal has an endless passion for sea voyages.

This one is to replace Beethoven, his old motor yacht sold for £2million last year.

Rafael Nadal Yacht 2
An overall look of the newly acquired catamaran!

With such an expensive price tag, you couldn’t expect less from the luxury private yacht, from the outside design to interior decorations. All the furniture bears the elite vibe and ensures full comfort for the sailor.

Rafael Nadal Yach 3
What would you want more if sitting on this deck and watch sunset on the sea?

According to reports, Rafael Nadal yacht is equipped with two powerful engines of 1,200 horsepower. It also boasts a jet-ski garage, a wet bar and a pool. Inside the rooms are all essential designs just like a villa on land.

Rafael Nadal Yacht 4
The super-yacht can host loud parties with its wet bar and pool.

Hardly is there any word to describe exactly how luxury Rafael Nadal yacht is. You had better take a virtual tour inside the yacht to feel it yourself!

Rafael Nadal Yacht 5
The design makes use of natural light in all corners.
Rafael Nadal Yacht 6
You can see ton-sur-ton decor at every place on Rafael Nadal yacht.

In fact, not all Sunreef Power catamaran has the same features as Rafael Nadal yacht. The tennis superstar has to spend more to customize the yacht according to his own style.

Rafael Nadal Yacht 7
The sleek lines on its body reflect sun shines.
Rafael Nadal Yacht 8
It seems like you're in a 5-star resort with a stunning ocean view.

Every corner on the yacht looks perfect with white-to-brown colour connotations. This makes the catamaran look smart and comfy at the same time.

Rafael Nadal Yacht 9
All designs are to ensure the sailor feels at home when on board.

Rafael Nadal once shared that he loved spending time with his girlfriend on the boat. That girl now turns his wife and their hobby doesn't change.

Rafael Nadal Yacht 10
The couple loves going on sea vacation.

Not many top athletes in the world, even the highest-paid are willing to spend that much money like this guy. Once again, Rafael Nadal yacht proves his passion for sea things which are mentioned many times in his interviews. We can say that Rafael Nadal really knows how to enjoy his life.

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