$100K Per Hour?! Dynamo Gaming Income, Girlfriend And Unknown Facts All Revealed HERE

Salena Harshini |Mar 20, 2020

As Dynamo Gaming is the top game streamer in India, his income is obviously intriguing to fans and others in the game community alike. Check out information about his earning, achievements and love life here!

Dynamo Gaming, whose real name is Aaditya Deepak Sawant (Aadii Sawant), is one of the top gamers in India with a large base of followers on social media. His gaming channel is extremely popular with a huge number of subscribers and sponsors. And every fan is curious about Dynamo Gaming income per month with that famous gaming account, as well as Dynamo Gaming net worth in total.

Dynamo Gaming Income Per Month 1
Dynamo Gaming is the top streamer with world’s biggest PUBG Mobile channel

Let’s all have a quick look to know why he has become such mainstream as well as Dynamo Gaming income per month and his net worth in 2020.

Dynamo Gaming Income Per Month

He was born in Mumbai from a Marathi family in India. Dynamo Gaming birthday is April 18, 1996, which means he is now 24 years old (as of 2020).

Dynamo Gaming Youtube Channel has collected 6.51 million subscribers. There are approximately 26k people clicking the subscribing button to his channel every day.
Dynamo Gaming’s channel sees raid growing as every video that he streams attracts over 600k views. He gains 2.5 to 3.5 million views per day.

Dynamo Gaming Income Per Month 2
Dynamo Gaming is a well-known name in the game community

To this point, one would wonder how much is Dynamo Gaming income per month with such a massive impact on the gamer community.

Approximately, Dynamo Gaming earning stands around 1 lakhs to 5 lakhs. His calculated annual income is about Rs 13-20 lakhs, but in fact, it can exceed more than 30 lakhs.

As per a trustworthy website, he collected from $6.400 to $102.800 with ads on his videos as well as live streams per month. Another Indian Youtuber also estimated Dynamo Gaming income per month and revealed that he can make around Rs. 2230 in an hour of the live stream.

Dynamo Gaming Income Per Month 3
Fans are curious about Dynamo Gaming income per month

As of 2020, Dynamo Gaming net worth is about $2.7 million dollars. So, what are some sources of Dynamo Gaming income?

Dynamo Gaming has many sources of income besides only Youtube advertisement revenue. His income is also contributed by his earning from Super Chat, Google AdSense, sponsorship, and donations.

On a daily basis, he streams PUBG MOBILE on a daily basis on his channel for a couple of hours or more. He also played with other big streamers names such as CarryminatiMortal, and Kronten Gaming.

Dynamo Gaming Income Per Month 4
Dynamo won the "Popular Creator Vote" title in the 2019 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge

Dynamo Gaming is extremely famous among emulator players for his snipping tricks. The Youtuber’s headshot technique is considered to be more dangerous and well-known than that of every other PUBG player. For the unversed, he also overmatched many other famous PUBG Mobile content creators around the globe to win the 2019 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge's "Popular Creator Vote".

Dynamo Gaming Girlfriend & Facts

Besides his profession, Dynamo Gaming also provokes a lot of curiosity about his personal life. In spite of the fact that he has never really made a confirmation about his love life, fans can still tell who Dynamo girlfriend is via social media.

Dynamo Gaming facts 1
Dynamo girlfriend is also a sexy famous gamer.

So, who is Dynamo's girlfriend?

To everyone’s expectation, she is a very beautiful girl.

Dynamo girlfriend is called Kanika and she is also a PUBG Mobile player. Dynamo can be seen playing alongside his girlfriend a few times. Kanika is considered a quite decent player on PUBG Mobile.

Take a look at some matches videos of Dynamo Gaming playing with his girlfriend here:

There are other videos in which Dynamo Gaming plays and streams with girlfriend Kanika. Kanika is said to carry the entire team with 22 insane kills. However, what made the stream even more worth watching is the funny and cute moments that these two shared.

Her Instagram account was previously taken down and although this is her new handle, she seems to be very active in posting pictures and videos.

Have a look at Dynamo Girlfriend photos on her Instagram account:

Dynamo Gaming facts 2
Dynamo Gaming girlfriend is a beautiful girl
Dynamo Gaming facts 3
Her Instagram is @kanikaluv
Dynamo Gaming facts 4
One of the first photos she shared on her new Instagram account
Dynamo Gaming facts 5
Dynamo girlfriend

Kanika has collected 102k followers at the moment which is fathomable as she is not only a good gamer but also is the girlfriend of a top popular Youtuber.

On another hand, take a look at some lesser-known facts about Dynamo Gaming here:

  • His favorite singers are Divine and Emiway Bantai.
  • He loves pizza and his most adored actor is Priyanka Chopra.
  • Also, his favorite color is blue. His favorite game, of course, is PUBG Mobile.
Dynamo Gaming Income Per Month facts
Dynamo Gaming lesser-known facts

Dynamo Gaming Instagram is @dynamo__gaming. Besides, you can also check out his Youtube channel and Twitter account.

Apart from this article of Dynamo Gaming income per month, make sure to check out other interesting pieces of news on Sports & Games section!

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