Vijay Deverakonda Pledges ₹1.30 Crore To Help Those Affected By COVID-19 Crisis

Mohnish Singh |Apr 26, 2020

Vijay Deverakonda, one of the most popular actors in Tollywood, joins the growing list of celebrities who are coming forward to do their bit in these testing times.

Vijay Deverakonda wins millions of hearts once again! This time around not with any of his new film but with his charity work. Over the past one month, a lot has been speculated about the contribution of Vijay Deverakonda towards the Coronavirus Relief Fund. Ending the suspense finally, the superstar made two major announcements on Sunday.

On Sunday, Vijay Deverakonda announced a ₹1.30 crore fund to help those affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which has rendered thousands of people jobless. The superstar took to Twitter to make two major announcements as part of this initiative.

Vijay Deverakonda
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In his tweet, Deverakonda wrote that none of us were prepared for this crisis. But we are fighters; we shall survive this and come out of it strong. The actor added that this thing hit him hard as well, but he is here now. He said that he is here with his incredible team that never says no to a fight and they are happy to announce a ₹1.30 crore fund to help as many as they can. All they need is love, kindness and support and he is sending you all, his love and strength.

Along with the tweet, Vijay Deverakonda also attached a video wherein he spoke in detail about the two major announcements. In the video, Deverakonda said that in July 2019, he started a secret project with an aim to employ one lakh people. He said since many people lent him their helping hands when he needed it, through this initiative, he wants to help those in need of helping hands.

Elaborating on the secret project, Deverakonda said he hired 50 people for this passionate project in August 2019. The first goal was to employ 50 young boys and girls. In September 2019, via an organization called TDF (The Deverakonda Foundation), 650 young boys and girls from rural areas sent their profiles seeking employment. Vijay added that by October 2019, they shortlisted 120 from which 50 were handpicked and were trained to their best potential.


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