Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.43 - 5 Must-Watch Films Of The Most Sensational Kollywood Actor Dhanush

Bindhiya Nhi |May 25, 2019

Dhanush is back to Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018 at No.43. Here's are 5 best films from the famous Kollywood actor that you should not miss.

The result of the Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018 is finally out. While there are many new entrants getting a high ranking, there are also some renowned faces who re-enter the list. Dhanush was dropped out of the Top 50 last year, but he is now back at No.43 as 2018 was such an eventful and successful year for the famous Tamil actor.

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Dhanush was born on 28th July 1984 and his real name is Venkatesh Prabhu. In 2002, the actor made his Tollywood debut with Thulluvadho Ilamai, but nobody could believe this person could survive in the industry. They thought that he did not have the conventional looks that an actor should have.

However, Dhanush has proved that he has what it takes to be one of the finest actors in Tamil cinema through the years. He is now a name to reckon with, not just in Tollywood but also in Bollywood thanks to his commercially successful films. In fact, Dhanush is one of the few Tamil actors who could do incredibly well in Bollywood.

Today we give you five best films of the most sensational Kollywood actor Dhanush, who ranked at No.43 in Top 50 Most Desirable Men this year!

Kadhal Kondein

This might be one of the darkest and most disturbing roles that Dhanush has ever had in his entire career. After his debut in Thulluvadho Ilamai, the actor teamed up with his brother Selvaraghavan for Kadhal Kodein, a romantic psychological thriller film. He played as a young introverted genius who is bullied by the majority of students while studying in college.

Later, he falls in love with a girl who treats him different from others, but unfortunately, the girl only sees him as a friend. Kadhal Kodein itself is filled with powerful scenes and dialogues that rocks your emotions easily, and Dhanush's brilliant performance could not help either. The film gained positive review from the critics, and eventually became a hit at the box office.


Directed by Selvaraghavan, Pudhupettai is a Tamil gangster film, telling the story of a young boy who slowly begins to rise within his group but earns a number of enemies along the way. It is an excellent, ambitious, and daring film but falls short of becoming the epic it aims to be at the box office.
However, Dhanush's bold performance is undoubtedly the highlight of the whole movie. Pudhupettai let us care deeply about Dhanush's role, getting our attention and our pulse racing due to its intense and emotional scenes. The background scores are also a real plus point, and though the film got mixed reviews from the critics, it still earned a cult status among youngsters.


Whenever we discuss Dhanush's amazing acting skill, Aadukalam is always brought out in the topic. Dhanush portrays the role of a rooster fighter in a film that slowly unfolds a tale of friendship, love and betrayal, all centered around the village bloodsport of cockfights. The actor spoke in the Madurai dialect almost flawlessly, and his body language and mannerisms are of someone who is born to the life as a rooster fighter. This award-winning film is certainly one of Dhanush's best works to date.

Mayakkam Enna

In 2011, Dhanush once again collaborated with his brother, director Selvaraghavan, for a romance film called Mayakkam Enna. The film tells the story of a photographer who loves his friend's girlfriend and she loves him back, but both have to tie down because they do not want to hurt the other guy.
This film has it all: An ample dose of sentiment, a superb camera-work, and brilliantly picturized songs. Despite the high expectations, the film received mixed reviews mostly due to its unpleasant length. Overall, Mayakkam Enna is brilliant but somehow it still remains as one of Dhanush's most underrated films in his career.


Starring Dhanush and Parvathy, Maryan tells a poignantly touching love story which is based on a true event. Dhanush's role is Maryan, who has to escape from the terrorists in Sudan to reunite with his love once again. When it comes to films starring Dhanush, it usually turns out to be a one-man show.
However, Parvathy's performance is powerful and emotional at the same time, which makes the film bold and special. The chemistry between them has a hint of charisma and passion, and that is more than enough to portray a brilliant love story on the silver screen. Despite its lukewarm response at the box office, Maryan's love story will never fail to dazzle you.


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