These Family-oriented Celebs Will Spend Time With Their Loved Ones On Diwali

Author |Nov 06, 2018

Revealing her plans, Amruta said that they are relatively frankly and traditional.

Spending precious free time with family is perhaps the top priority of most celebrities this year. These mentioned-below stars are about to ensure their quiet time with their family on Laxmi Puja as they will ring in this year festival of lights, Diwali.

Amey Wagh

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Sharing his thought, Amey said that he has taken the holiday for four days and spent the whole four days off with his family only. The actor further added that he was not really into celebrating Diwali, but last year he was occupied with working and it made him feel like he is missing out the family celebration.  It stands to reason that he took a break from shooting.

When sharing his most memorable Diwali, Amey said that it was last year. He further explained that it was also his first Diwali festival after marrying and his film released at the same time, indeed was winning the box office. In this circumstance, both a professional and personal front, it was a very memorable Diwali, he said.

Amruta Khanvilkar

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Revealing her plans, Amruta said that they are relatively frankly and traditional as usual. She explained the actress and her family have been doing for several years. It includes just tidying up the house, ornamenting it with lights, and making Maharashtrian Faral. The actress keeps stating that she loves staying at her home and do whatever she wants by herself.

Also sharing the most memorable Diwali festival, Amruta said that it would be the ones where her family celebrated in Pune. Her family including four people will hop on her father’s old scooter and pay a visit to their relatives and friends.

Shriya Pilgaonkar

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The actress said that she will spend her Diwali in Jaipur, where she is shooting for a British Series Beecham House. She intends to celebrate this festival with her crew comprising of both Indian and British casts alike.

Shriya further added that she then will fly back on an upcoming day to spend time with her family. According to her, every Diwali is special in its own way due to different reasons and this will be one of the rare times that she celebrates in Jaipur instead of Mumbai.


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