"These B-town Celebs Are Drug Addicts, Send Them To Jail", Says MLA Manjinder Sirsa

Imran Asif Fazal |Aug 01, 2019

The Delhi MLA has demanded a dope test to be conducted on the celebrities present at Karan Johar's party.

MLA Manjinder Sirsa has continued to slam Bollywood celebrities and has demanded a dope test to be conducted on celebs who had attended Karan Johar's party.

In a video posted by Karan Johar on his Instagram account led to a major controversy. Actors like Varun Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Vicky Kaushal, Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora were present.

Sirsa commented from his Twitter handle that these celebs were in a drugged state. This led to a major debate on national television. Sirsa refused to apologize and posted a video via Twitter.

In the video, he referred B-town celebs as"nashediyon (drug addicts)". Manjinder Sirsa says in the clip, "Mujhe yeh pata nahi ki jo Milind Deora ke parivaar ke sadasya hai, woh iss video mein kyun maujud tha. Lekin main yeh baat daave se kehna chahta hoon ki yahaan pe Bollywood star nasha kar rahe hai (I don't know why Milind Deora's family member was present in this video. But I can vouch for the fact that the Bollywood stars in the video were high on drugs)."

"Agar mujhe koi kahe ki mujhe nashediyon se maafi maangni hogi, toh kateyi, chahe meri saari umar jail mein nikal jaaye, koi duniya ki taqat mujhe nashediyon se maafi maangne ko majboor nahi kar sakti. Main apne stand par kayam hoon (If anyone asks me to apologise to drug addicts, even if I spend my entire life in jail, no power in the world can force me to apologise to drug addicts. I stick to my stand)," Manjinder Sirsa added.

He further says, "In nashediyon ki jagah jail hai, samaaj nahi (The place for these drug addicts is jail, not the society)," he says in the video, adding that those who are advising him to say sorry should go and check who all at the party were under the influence of drugs.

Responding to a Twitter user when asked why he is concerned about these celebs, Sirsa replied, "They are public figures! They are called 'stars' and they enjoy many privileges. Don't they lecture us on every issue from their verified twitter handles? So today they are answerable to every Indian for their drug-affected stoned look as visible in the video."

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"These B-town Celebs Are Drug Addicts, Send Them To Jail", Says MLA Manjinder Sirsa


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