Shashank Ketkar Hopes That People Will Pay More Attention To Marathi Movies

Bindhiya Nhi |Dec 09, 2018

Shashank Ketkar shares about his choice to be in a bilingual movie, his appreciation for director Omkar Shetty and his wish for the Marathi movie industry.

Shashank Ketkar is an Indian actor who mostly works in the Marathi industry. He becomes popular after his role as Shee in the popular daily soap 'Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi'. As his career is getting better and better with positive reactions from the fans, Shashank feels extremely happy. After '31 Divas', his upcoming project is a movie called 'Aaron'. This movie is special to Shashank because this is going to be the first time he takes part in a bilingual movie. 'Aaron' is an Indo-French movie and its director is Omkar Shetty.


Shashank reveals the reason he chose to be in this bilingual movie. He knows that 'Aaron' is not a commercial movie which might be difficult to reach a wide range of viewers. However, the actor still wants to give it a try because he really enjoys these types of movies. He says,

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The actor also shares his honest feeling when he has a chance to work with Omkar Shetty. The movies had been shooting in many countries, from Budapest to Hungary and France, and he finds the journey very interesting with the help of the director. Though Omkar is a newbie in the field, his passion is something that Shashank really appreciates. According to Shashank, Omkar stepped on the set and the first thing he did was to tell everyone to communicate in English.

The staff was from ten different countries, so the director wanted to make sure one could understand another well. Omkar really understands the problems in communication among the actors and the staffs. He sang a Hindi song and called people on the set to make it easier. Shashank could not help but praised his director,

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Besides the television soaps and theatre projects, Shashank Ketkar has two movie projects in this year. One of them is '31 Divas' and another is 'Aaron'. He still has a lot to learn when it comes to the movie category. Talking about his attitude on sets, Shashank stressed,

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With that motto in his head, the actor really puts a lot of effort into his acting, but he does not act enforcedly.

In addition, the 'Aaron' actor talks about one of his wishes. He hopes that the Marathi industry's viewers will spend time going to the movie theaters more. In his opinion, it is unfortunate that many Marathi movies are not received much attention though they are surely worth it. He wishes that the viewers can give such movies more chances. He says,

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