Seema Raja Trailer: Don’t Miss The Epic Power Struggle Of Sivakarthikeyan’s Film

Laavanya Hien |Sep 01, 2018

Seema Raja is an Indian film. Interestingly, the film is going to be on screen. Don't let fans wait for long. Recently, the trailer has come to exist to entertain its fans.

The first trailer of Seema Raja has come visibly to all fans. Actor Sivakarthikeyan comes back to his familiar genre, a combination of romantic comedy and action. Additionally, the trailer also demonstrated that he had a chance to reunite with the famous director, Ponram who did work with him on Rajini Murugan as well as Varutha Padathe Valibar Sangam.

Let's watch the below trailer:

What the trailer reveals?

First and foremost, Siva as Raja presents a man who has a reputation for his utmost class and charm to rule the town. There are myriad great things about him that would entertain viewers. He has a dream of being well-recognized on the social media. Hence, he creates his own Twitter accounts. He not only plays kabaddi but also travels in a very simple means of transportation, chariots which are pulled by the horses.

What’s more, the trailer depicts his friend, Soori who supports him throughout the film. Another character in the film is Samantha Akkineni. She acts as a silambam teacher who shows her one nice shot. She is standing toe to toe with Siva while raising the voice. In the film, she is not a pitiful girl.

Seema Raja

Besides the above-mentioned characters, Seema Raja also portrays a no less interesting negative role, Simra who has an important function to potentially settle the highlight of the film. One more actor who has been caught public attention to wait for him to return to the big screen is Napoleon. Viewers will have an opportunity to see him siding with his villains in the film.

Some words about the production

The film producer will be R. D. Raja. He used to publicize that he would definitely manufacture a film in which its director is Ponram. He also added that the lead role for that film would star Sivakarthikeyan. As regards the manufacturer agency, 24am Studio will be responsible for producing Seema Raja.

Further information about its production is those final shootings are finished on 19 June 2018. And, as promised, it is expected to be released on the screen on September 13 which will be on the occasion of Vinayaka Chathurthi. Another film by Samantha will be on the big screen on the same day. The name of this film is U-Turn.

Be mindful of the time for the release. Then, you will enjoy each stunning shot and immerse yourself in meaningful stories that the film is going to convey.


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