Samantha Akkineni’s fine act makes make the success of U Turn

Author |Sep 13, 2018

U Turn is beautifully written and stunningly performed. Nobody has made a stronger case for embracing the chaos till now.

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Samantha Akkineni’s U Turn

This year marks a big step in Samantha Akkineni's career when she plays in the lead role of Rachna. Especially, she want to refuse the suggestion of her mother. Do you want to know what is that suggestion?. Many years ago, her mother suggested her to marry someone. So that, this news can put Samantha's life at risk.

With a lovely content, the film brings too many feelings for audiences. Also, the movie like a symphony, may be poetry. On the opening day, it made a social media storm and left someone shocked. Beside that, her performance make an impressive affection. All of these elements help the film get a huge revenue after a week.

In this project, Rachna collaborates with Aadhi. She plays another role in the film. In addition, Rahul Ravindran also join and write the script for U Turn and the character of Rachna's love interest Adithya. Especially, when Rachna doesn't want to share her feelings with Adithya, he realizes that he should gives her some spaces. Fortunately, these small things bring more drama to the film.

The success of U Turn

The most magnificent problem regarding this movie is that the ability that it's a revamp, then once more has prevailing with regards to adjusting to large crowd. U flip is superbly written and spectacularly performed. no one has created a more desirable case for include the chaos till currently.

In our opinion, the film is a remake version and not succeeded in fitting to audience. By some ways, especially by remaking the content of U Turn, which makes this film attractive to the audience.


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