When Ambareesh Opened Up About His Drinking Habit, Craze For Cars

Indira Ngan |Nov 28, 2018

Kannada actor Ambareesh has just passed away due to heart attack. He was a movie star who lived an ordinary life with all respect from people around him.

On November 24, Kannada film industry has lost the great actor Ambareesh. It was reported that he died of cardiorespiratory arrest (or cardiac arrest) - a phenomenon of failure of the heart to pump properly, which can shortly lead to sudden cardiac death.

To this unexpected loss of an actor with a huge dedication to the Indian Film Industry, the image of Ambareesh is now hard to forget in each fan's and movie lover's heart. Many websites used to publish Ambareesh’s common habits and hobbies through the interview with his wife, Sumalatha and his own confession.

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Ambareesh Was Crazy About Cars

Beside the hobby and outstanding skills of riding horse, this Rebel star was also keen on cars, especially Rolls Royce. He shared that BR Shetty had given a Rolls Royce for him to travel in Dubai. This gift of Shetty made Ambi feel like walking on air as owning that luxurious and desirable car.


Drinking and smoking habits

Ambareesh confessed openly about his habits when drinking. "Film stars are also human beings”, the actor said in an interview several years ago. However, drinking or smoking at workplace was not his style. He just drank and smoked when he had free time and when he was outside of the workplace. Therefore, the audience can hardly see him drink or smoke in his films and movies. According to what actor Ambareesh had shared, in spite of being a star, he just lived a normal life like any other ordinary people. He had his own hobbies, habits; he can drink, smoke, and do whatever he liked. To him, they were such normal things that he did not need to hide away.


Sociable and mischievous characteristic

Another confession from Sumalatha – Ambareesh’s wife with Times of India revealed one side of characteristics of him. She said that Ambareesh was the best prankster that she had ever met. He could prank every people around him with his mischievous looks and tricks. The lead actor of "Katari Veera Surasundarangi" often pranked his co-workers at film sets or studios. He made his partners drench into water or used red liquid to make everyone frightened and startle like watching a jump scare in a horror movie. Even his sister – in – law was also a victim of his pranks.


And amazingly admirable attribution

Ambareesh had spent nearly all of his living time for acting career along with the work of a politician. For over a century, he had made a record of taking part in around 250 movies with the roles of lead actor, supporting actor and even special guest appearance. Furthermore, this record has not been broken yet. Thanks to memorable performances in several films as a rebellious man, he was called “Rebel star” by many fans and film lovers. He was a man coming from Mandya, well - known for his generosity, sociability, and honesty with others so people around also call him “Mandayada Gandu” and “Kaliyuga Karna”.

Actor Ambareesh was sent off on November 26th, 2018 with tight security for the funeral.


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