The Love Story Of Ambareesh & Sumalatha: This Is How The Couple’s Friendship Changed Into Love

Laavanya Hien |Nov 25, 2018

Sumalatha and Ambareesh were completely opposite to each other. Along time ago, Sumalatha shared this difference connected both of them together.

An audacious and bold personality and a candid man engaged in his bachelorhood until he was 39 years old. He is the star who was very active, vibrant, and energetic throughout his heydays. Each time he reported to his filming location, he totally concentrated on his filming sets. It was not until 1984 that the life of Ambareesh marked a turning point.

Ambareesh who has the moniker as a Rebel star took part in the 1084 Ahuthi movie as the pivotal role. Furthermore, in the Kannada films, Sumalatha Naidu, his participation was as a newcomer. Born in 1963, Sumalatha grew up in the Naidy family. Her family located in Guntur, a city of Andhra Pradesh. Sumalatha had her first appearance with the Telugu cinema in 1979. Prior to this debut, she had been known for being a star with Ahuthi.

As regard their nature, Sumalatha and Ambareesh were completely opposite to each other. A long time ago, Sumalatha shared in her interview that this entire difference was helpful in connecting both of them together.

Sumalatha and Ambareesh

What’s special about Ambareesh and Sumalatha?

Ambareesh had an abundance of sound and was full of happiness, excitement, and energy. Moreover, he was also the one to make sure that during the film shoot, nobody was immersed with any kind of low energy. Conversely, Sumalatha had such a pleasant and quiet voice and was shy with only a limited dialogue. More than that, she used to reveal that there was no energetic act, or antics of Ambareesh that could attract her attention and concentration. In terms of this aspect, Sumalatha explained reading books occupied almost all of her time when she was not filming.

What made a change in the rapport between Sumalatha & Ambareesh?

At first, she felt a bit worried and uneasy to cooperate with Ambareesh, a Rebel Star. The reason was that there existed a lot of stories which made the rounds involving not only his behavior but also his attitude. That’s why Sumalatha kept her distance from this star and formed her friendship with him at only a decent level. But, from this starting point forwards, both Ambareesh and Sumalatha improved a limited friendship level. And, it was the year 1987 that something changed in their relationship.  During New Delhi shooting, this couple developed their proximity closer and formidable.

According to Mrs. Ambareesh, Sumalatha’s nature was without an archetypal cinema celebrity. Hence, this enabled Ambareesh to enhance a strong fondness towards her. It was not until 1989 that the rebellious character, Ambareesh expressed his obvious liking intention to Sumalatha. And, he finally offered her his proposal in a very special manner.

In a letter to the beautiful actress, Ambareesh wrote that “Rebel in Trouble” as his proposal purpose had disappeared quite hasty. At last, the duo consented their love with the other. And, they began their matrimony in 1991. The, they had a harmonious, contented, and blessed life for more than 27 years.


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