Rana Daggubati on his act Chandrababu Naidu in NTR biopic

haunt1 |Sep 14, 2018

There will be two jumbo movies in the first half of 2019 from the Rana Daggubati stable.

This month, Rana Daggubati's new film about the life and career of Rama Rao has completed. The film will release on January 2019 before occurring many political activities like polls or elections.

The users's reactions

Rana, who made an impressive in Rajamouli's Baahubali, became the focus of attention after he dropped two stills in this week. Interestingly, all of the reactions praise him because of his good completement in 'Naidu role'.

Vinayaka Chaturthi and his son named Nandamuri Balakrishna in a post.

Rana Daggubati talks about Naidu and CM

To prepare for a longday workshop, Rana met Naidu to know more details about his personality. On the day they met, Balakrishna and Krish also joined as the partner of this film crew.

In the past, Rana' family has remained the relationship with Telugu Desam. The evidence is that his grandfather named was employed for Rama Naidu in 5 years. However, he says that he did not want to know about this role.

The Family and NTR

As you know, NTR is a story of Rama Rao's life and career. An exciting sidelight is known that Rana has spent many weeks to reprise the politically tense in 1984. So that, up to this time, he is performing Naidu like at the time he was nearly 30s.

Because of the bad relations between him and NTR, he is excommunicated in 1995. After this, he came back to take over his own party. Some evidence shows that Balakrishna had also join that episode in the era of NTR. In addition, with the purpose is to memorize NTR and his political career, so we will not find the madless elements in ending of the movie.

In Rana's opinion, he trends to avoid getting more different with movie roles. That means he must protect his body to get the same as Chandrababu look. He will move to the next project and plays a role as a men who lived 25 years in the jungle. Unfortunately, the their shooting have to cancel because of the floods's affection.
As expectation, two new film will release in next year. And may be from 1/1 - 30/6


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