Priya Prakash Varrier To Pour Her Heart Out For Co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof On His Birthday

Priyansh Ha |Apr 25, 2019

With sincerest words, Priya Prakash Varrier admitted that Roshan Abdul Rahoof meant a lot to her.

Our “wink girl” Priya Prakash Varrier is back, stealing all the spotlight for her latest Instagram post on her co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof. Meeting each other on the sets of Oru Adaar Love, the two happened to be great friends.

However, their friendship seems to transform into something romantic when Priya took to her Instagram to share a series of Roshan Abdul Rahoof’s photos on his birthday. Apart from these photos was a special birthday note which grabbed all the attention.

Priya Prakash
Priya took to her Instagram a series of Roshan's photos on his birthday. Source: Instagram.

"I Promise To Promise You All The Promises"

The actress poured her heart out for Roshan, wishing him “all the luck in life” and appreciating all the things he has done for her. She was thrilled as he was always by her side, took risks for her without asking to take back. With sincerest words, Priya admitted that Roshan meant a lot to her. “And finally I promise to promise you all the promises," wrote the actress.

She Calls Him "Osha"

Another post of her addressed Roshan as “Osha.” Along with the photo of them posing together is a message that reads: "Happy birthday Osha!"

Speculations Are Doing Rounds

Priya Prakash
Source: Instagram

Earlier, the young actress who rose to fame with just a wink insisted that she just wanted to stay focus on her studies and career and there was no one special in her life. So it means that she has found “that one,” right?


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