SHOCKED!!! Popular Malayalam Actor Siddique Is Accused For Sexual Misconduct

Vaishnavi Gavankar |May 23, 2019

"Straight away, he asked me to ready for the 'adjustment' and described his sexual fantasies", said the Malayalam actress Revathy Sampath.

The actor and the producer Siddique is accused of sexual misconduct with the actress and model Revathy Sampath. The actress claimed in her recent social media post that a couple of years ago his behavior at a movie screening had traumatized her.

Siddique Revathy Sampath Metoo
Actress Revathy and Siddique

The actress recently wrote a Facebook post where she has mentioned about the misbehavior allegations on the director: "After watching this video again &again, I couldn't even able to resist myself anymore!!! This actor Siddique tried to sexually misbehave with me on 2016 in a preview of Sukhamayirikate movie at Nila theatre, Trivandrum..!! His verbal sexual offerings made me morally down at the age of 21...i still remember the trauma he made to me!!! He is having a daughter I guess..!! Is she safe in his hands, I wonder?? What will you do if the same thing happens with your daughter Mr. Siddique? How can a man like him point fingers against a prestigious &privileged collective WCC? Have you deserved yourself, Mr. Siddique? Think about yourself!! Ulupp Undo??. Shame on these masks layered, self-called gentlemen out there in the film industry..!!##notafraidanymore##cantbesilentanymore##enoughisenough##".

Revathy Sampath Latest Hd Photos
Actress Revathy Sampath

When an entertainment portal asks her about the post, Revathy said, "The comments are accusing me of trying to become famous by posting such allegations. I don’t understand how fame comes into the picture. Another question I have been asked is why I had taken so long to reveal this. It is not easy to open up. Even when I had posted about the harassment I faced from director Rajesh Touchriver earlier, I found it difficult to open up about Siddique".

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In 2016, Revathy had not yet taken up acting professionally and was still a student. Siddique had contacted her to talk about an offer in a Tamil movie that would feature his son.

Siddique 759333333333

"After the preview of his film Sukhamariyathe at Nila Theatre, he asked me to come to the Mascot Hotel to discuss this offer. Straight away, he asked if I was ready for ‘adjustments’. It is sad that this word should have such a meaning in the film industry. I asked him what he meant and he became explicit in his demands, describing his sexual fantasies as liking women with long fingernails. When he realized that it was not going to work, he told me to do whatever I wanted, he didn’t care. He said that I could do nothing because he was that powerful. And the comments I am getting now simply prove what he said," she claimed.


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