Rare Pics Of Roshini Kapoor – The London-Based Daughter Of Rana Kapoor

Hanima Anand |Mar 09, 2020

Yesterday, Roshini Kapoor, the London-based daughter of Yes Bank founder Rana Kapoor was stopped at Mumbai International airport. Check photos and interesting facts about this woman here!

Recently, Rana Kapoor, who is the founder and former CEO of Yes Bank, and his family including daughter Roshini Kapoor are claimed to set up more than 20 shell companies to receive kickbacks, then using this amount of money to invest in their properties.

Rana Kapoor Family And Daughters
Rana Kapoor family in his daughter's wedding

All Rana Kapoor’s daughters are reported to involve in the act, leading to the detention of Roshini who was going to London by British Airways on Sunday. The woman was stopped at Mumbai International Airport after a Look Out Circular was issued against her.

Roshini Kapoor And Rana Kapoor
The youngest daughter of Rana Kapoor was stopped before getting out of India.

Roshini Kapoor was born to Rana Kapoor and Bindu Kapoor. She has two sisters who are Radha Kapoor and Rakhee Kapoor. Roshini often stays in London instead of India.

Roshini Kapoor And Radha Kapoor
Roshini Kapoor and her sister Radha Kapoor

The youngest daughter of Rana Kapoor is a beautiful girl. She looks stunning in gowns which she flaunted on her Instagram posts. However, due to the scandals related to her family, Roshini has set her account private now.

Roshini’s Twitter account was also deleted.

In case you want to follow her later, you can go to Roshini Kapoor Instagram by clicking here!

Roshini Kapoor
Photos of Roshini Kapoor on Instagram or Twitter are inaccessible now.

Till now, not much information was revealed about Roshini Kapoor while many mistook her as the 39-year-old Indian model Roshni Kapoor.

However, we have managed to collect some of the best photos of Roshini Kapoor here. Check it!

Roshini Kapoor 2
Roshini looks stunning in the floral dress.

Roshini is very active attending events before being involved in the scandalous allegations. She was seen hosting many big events, either in India or overseas.

Roshini Kapoor And Parents
Roshini Kapoor attending an event with her parents
Roshini Kapoor On Twitter
She often updates her activities on Twitter but not now.
Roshini Kapoor At Mercedes Hello
Roshini Kapoor in an opening ceremony of Mercedes-Benz

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