Rasika Sunil: My decisions are never implusive

ThuyNT |Nov 15, 2018

Actor Rasika Sunil says when it comes to work, she is open to all mediums of entertainment and wants to experiment with roles.

Rasika Sunil made a decision to leave a TV show and join a workshop in LA, USA.

It’s shocking that actress Rasika Sunil has left a famous TV show to take participate in an acting workshop taking place in Los Angeles, USA. The young artist has felt the honor to join the seminar at the New York Film Academy.  "I plan and then act. The decision to go to LA was not an overnight one", she said. She stated that she has planned before deciding to fly to Los Angeles for attending the acting workshop there. Rasika has gained a lot of experiences and learned many film techniques to apply for her acting career in the near future.

Rasika Sunil Saree Photos

The young actress will come back in the upcoming project ‘Gatmat’, and work in partnership with actor Akshay Tanksale. According to Rasika, Akshay is the person who has considerable influences on her decision to join in this movie. She said that Akshay had told the crew about Rasika and he also complimented the production team on a sincere working spirit. Therefore, both of the two actors are very excited and look forward to participating in the movie.

Recently, the actress has tried her hand in all types of media channels and positions in the film, but she also was trying to balance between TV shows and movies. Rasika revealed, "Doing this film was like a cleansing process. Also, if I liked a script I would speak to the team and take a break.” 
When asked about the intention of becoming a writer or director after gaining a lot of skills and experiences from some of the mediums, Rasika answered that she would absolutely like to adapt an English script and translate it to Marathi language. The talented actress said that she was willing to try creative things and might attempt to write and direct in the next time.


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