Mukesh Khanna Files Complaint Against The Makers Of Malayalam Film “Dhamaka”

Mohnish Singh |Sep 16, 2019

Mukesh Khanna has filed a complaint against the director Omar Lulu to FEFKA, requesting the union to stop the director from using his popular character Shaktimaan in his film.

Mukesh Khanna, popular film and television actor, has expressed his displeasure over the comical use of his iconic television character Shaktimaan in an upcoming Malayalam film. A couple of days ago, well-known director Omar Lulu had shared a clip from his next directorial venture, Dhamaka.

In the snap, South Indian actor Mukesh is seen in the garb of the Indian superhero Shaktimaan, a character immortalized by Mukesh Khanna.

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Image source: Idya101

The clip has gone viral ever since. However, it did not go down well with Mukesh Khanna, who played Shaktimaan more than a decade ago. He has now filed a complaint against Omar Lulu to FEFKA and has requested the union to stop the director from using the character in his movie.

The actor has also written in his complaint that if the makers fail to do so, he will initiate legal action against them.

When Omar Lulu was contacted for a reaction on the issue, he said that he used it as a mark of appreciation to Shaktimaan. “It was used just for a fun sequence that is about 10 seconds long. We are not reproducing the character. In fact, we used it as a mark of appreciation to Shaktimaan,” he said.

Mukesh Khanna told a publication:


Image source: Jansatta

The makers of Dhamaka have not contacted Mukesh Khanna yet. “I am waiting for them to get in touch,” says the actor, who is also popular for playing Bhishma in B.R. Chopra’s iconic mythological show Mahabharat.


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