Morning Shows Of “Aadai” Cancelled As Amala Paul Faces Complaint Against Her Nudity In The Film

Nalini Suri |Jul 20, 2019

A Chennai politician has attached a complaint over Amala Paul and filmmakers of “Aadai” to object to her nudity in the film and said that it will boost the rape issue.

Actress Amala Paul and her latest film Aadai have committed the first controversy of being criticized on the nude scenes. Post the film’s morning shows were reported to meet cancellation in Chennai, some new reports give a clue that a politician there has filed the case against Amala and the makers of the film alleging that it will increase rape cases.

Amala Paul in Aadai

aadai movie amala paul

A report stated that Chennai politician Priya Rajeshwari has emphasized in her complaint of the case that the nude scenes in the movie “will send out a wrong message to the youth and will encourage rape culture”. Meanwhile, Aadai won an A certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification.

aadai movie amala paul

On Friday morning, some reports claimed that the distributors of the movie didn’t release it since the producers have not cleared some payments on the print release. Thereby, the morning shows of Aadai were canceled.

Right after the Aadai trailer dropped, it hit all the headlines for controversial discussion around. Some people praised it while the many others complained about the nudity and Amala and Ramya’s kiss.

Amala spoke about the scene:



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