Filmaker, Fomer FTII Teacher Found Hanging In Kolkata Flat After #Metoo Accusations

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 07, 2019

Arghya Basu was found dead in his Kolkata apartment. An investigation is carrying out.

Documentary filmmaker Arghya Basu was found dead in his apartment. Survey Park Police suspected one of the significant factors causing the 48-year-old FTII teacher’s death was depression.

"Arghya Basu was living in Santoshpur area was found hanging in his flat on March 1. He was declared brought dead in a hospital," the personnel told IANS.


According to the report, the investigators conclude the filmmaker was suffering from depression after talking to his neighbours. A suicide letter, however, has not found in his apartment yet. Meanwhile, his body has been sent for post-mortem.

At the end of 2017, a renowned producer accused the former Films and Television Institute of India teacher of sexual abuse in her social media post with hashtag #Metoo.


Journalist Sandhya Menon then took to her blog to express sympathy on Arghya Basu’s tragic death:


The investigation also revealed that his flat was locked from inside at the moment they found him. Apart from official investigation, his friend Ankur Das disclose that the sexual harassment allegation led Arghya Basu to serious depression. In April 2018, he had received treatment for his problem, but things didn’t improve. And since then he took freelance work such as editing film.



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