Celebrities Present Their Condolence To Captain Raju’s Demise

Author |Sep 17, 2018

Malayalam cinema has lost yet another gem of an actor with the demise of Captain Raju. The actor was undoubtedly one among the most talented character actors of Malayalam cinema. His screen...

Captain Raju, a great gem of the Malayalam cinema industry passed away on September, 17th.  It is an extreme regret for Malayalam to lose a talented actor. He used to be one of the most brilliant actors of this industry thanks to his significant contribution of hundreds of classics.

Here, you will know about his movie acting and directing career as well as his life. Along with that, there are further notes about celebrities who showed their condolence to Captain Raju’s demise.

Mammootty, Mohanlal & Other Top Celebrities Condole The Demise Of Captain Raju!

About Captain Raju’s Career

If you want to know how powerful he was, it will take days to tell. His presence on the big screen is impeccable. Since his first debut on the screen, he had become the most influential people who had chances to work with the cinema industry’s seniors. During his career of over three decades, what he had done for the industry is uncountable. Hence, his sudden demise shocked everyone.

Raju used to be an Indian Army before he quitted it to enter the world of the cinema industry. He made up his mind to pursue a film career in 1981. In the lifetime of his acting and directing career, Captain Raju had contributed over 500 films to the industry. Undoubtedly, he is so talented and brilliant that he could take part in any role in even several different languages.

Even his role as a villain or the role of supporting comic, he could definitely complete well. In addition to his acting career, Captain Raju was also good at directing some fantastic movies. His two prominent movies that fared excellently at the box office are Itha Oru Snehagatha and Mr. Pavanayi 99.99.

Probably, one of his most exceedingly brilliant character in his life is Pavanayi. He played under the stereotypical character of a gangster with typical body traits. What’s more, his role as Pavanayi in Nadodikkattu is no longer more than eight minutes. Nevertheless, it marked a turning point and created a landmark in his acting career.

About Captain Raju’s Demise

Captain Raju had to suffer from a massive sudden cardiac arrest. Then, he had his last breath in his residence located in Kochi, Kerala.  His unexpected cardiac arrests abruptly happened in June. It was when he had a journey to the US and attended the happy marriage of his son.  After his cardiac arrest attack, he was treated in a hospital in Muscat before coming back to India. He was then shifted to Kerala for additional treatment.

Actually, his death is a greatly sad loss for not only the Malayalam movie industry but also the human beings. Myriads celebrities, including Mammootty, Mohanlal, and others shared their condolence to the social media to our hugely talented actor-director, Captain Raju.

These celebrities mourned the loss of Captain Raju. They recalled their past association with this outstanding veteran actor. And, they have sent regretful condolence messages to the Captain.


Captain Raju’s last appearance on the screen was in 2017 movie Masterpiece. This movie starred Mammootty. Mammootty was shocked by his demise. He was also one of the first celebrities to come to the hospital right after knowing the sad news of Captain Raju’s demise.

Captain Raju and Mammootty had been good companions in several movies, including the Masterpiece. At a talk with the press, Mammootty has revealed that Captain Raju has his enduring charm, elegant acting, and amazing body traits. All made him so popular with viewers all over the world.

Moreover, the talented Captain also had the ability to act in different languages. Some films Mammootty and Captain Raju had worked well together are Aavanazhi, Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha, and so on. The last one they participate together is the world-known Masterpiece. For sure, this film will stay forever for the longest time. He shared his regret that Captain’s soul will rest in peace.


Mohanlal is another star who has a close relationship with Raju. Like Mammootty, Captain Raju and Mohanlal had been successfully working in a number of well-known movies. According to a share on his Facebook, Captain Raju’s sound always reverberated in his ears “Lala...It’s me Rajuchayan”.

He also revealed that Captain’s demise is both a huge loss to the whole world of the film industry and also a personal loss to him. Raju’s role plays a significant role not only in his acting career but also in his real-life events. The captain is like his brother because they used to be emotionally close.

He also explained why and how close they were.  It is because they both hailed from the Pathanamthitta. Mohanlal and Captain’s family had known each other for a long time. In their filming cooperation, the big screen’s superstar Mohanlal and Captain Raju were spotted to work well together in the 2011 “China Town” movie.


Captain Raju’s death has been a huge loss for anyone, including Prithviraj. Like other celebrities, Prithviraj is another movie star to mourn to Captain Raju’s death. He showed his condolence by thanking Raju for tons of happy memories that had created together. He also shared that knowing as well as working with Captain Raju has been a huge privilege to him.

Nivin Pauly

Nivin Pauly is also one of the celebrities to write a Facebook post to condole Captain Raju’s death. The young actor ascertained that the worldwide fans will never forget the Captain’s role of Pavanayi. The film will last together with the time.

Manju Warrier

The actor Manju Warrier is one more Captain Raju’s coworker. He showed his commiseration for the loss of this big veteran actor & director in the Malayalam film industry. He remembered Captain Raju by penning a note of tribute in which he loved the working experience with Captain Raju in movie Daya. Manju Warrier also disclosed that the used to thought to act as a great number of the villain roles in different movies. However, in his real life, he was the one who lives kindly. His life was always full of love and happiness.

For further information, Daya is a 1988 Malayalam film that he cooperated with Captain Raju. He took the lead role. Actually, he had a great time with Raju during the period of working with each other in this famous movie.

Dulquer Salmaan

Dulquer Salmaan is one of the movie stars to write honest and deepest note to demonstrate his pity for Captain Raju’s sudden demise. In his note, he exposed that Raju has a charm of being absolutely kind, sincere, and warm.

For sure, Captain Raju will be forever remembered for his contribution to the movie industry. His friends and his fans will keep him in their mind for their lifetime.


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