"Love Or Hate The Film, But Why Target Is Me?", Says "Saaho" Director Sujeeth On Criticism

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Sep 10, 2019

According to UV Creations, the producers of the film, "Saaho" has earned over Rs 400 crore worldwide in 10 days.

One of the big-budget films of Bollywood and regional cinema, Saaho failed to impress the audience as well as the critics. The film director Sujeeth, who has been blamed for his direction in Saaho, recently talked to an entertainment portal about the treatment he received after the release of Saaho.

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Sujeeth said, “What did I do? I made the film that Prabhas sir, my producers, and I believed in. The audiences came in large numbers to watch it, but still, I am being treated harshly as if I have committed a crime.”


Director Sujeeth is currently recuperating after dengue, and so he was not able to enjoy the success of the multi-lingual film. However, the harsh criticism that has come on his way since the release has been bothering him so much.

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The director particularly reacted to a statement where he allegedly said that fans in Bihar want to build a temple in his honour. He said, “Please show me where I have said this. I never said this. One guy who has nothing to do with the film made this statement on YouTube. I would never make these kinds of statements. I know how ridiculous it sounds.”

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The director also told that he has been staying away from public appearances because of the negativity around Saaho's direction. “They build temples for people like Rajinikanth sir and Mammootty sir. I can only be a devotee at the temple of great actors and great cinema. I am not into bragging. I am just staying away from the media and public appearances because of all the negativity being thrown at the movie. Love or hate the film. But why target me?”

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Saaho director Sujeeth added that despite all the criticism, his actor Prabhas and the producers of the film have stuck by him.

He said, “Prabhas sir and the producers are supporting me. That’s the only good thing happening in my life right now. Seeing all the criticism, I decided to keep quiet and still, all these negative things are being said about me. I am staying calm, wondering what wrong have I done.”

According to UV Creations, the producers of the film, Saaho has earned over Rs 400 crore worldwide in 10 days. Starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, Saaho released in theatres on August 30.


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